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Fight A Power Outage With A Portable Generator

Updated on November 3, 2013

The Sportsman GEN4065 Portable Generator is similar to one we used when it was time to set up our hunting camp. We hunted in a wildlife refuge near the Everglades in South Florida. We had a trailer in camp and the convenience of power was possible with our gasoline powered generator. I know for some folks this is not camping, but if you ran the woods all day in a swamp area like we did you would appreciate the simple pleasures of an interior that would protect you from the elements and the massive amounts of mosquitoes that would breed around our hunting area. It was for our protection, not our comfort.

The days at hunting camp were spent on a swamp buggy turning the trails over and searching for deer and hogs. We needed this generator to power our sump pump so we could shower after a long days hunt. It ran our lights and it also powered up the tools the boys needed if one of the swamp buggies had a break down. The generator was perfect for a compressor and power tools.

Where else can you use a portable generator? Think about what happens when a severe storm hits an area of the country and leaves a thick blanket of snow behind. I have never lived anywhere that gets terribly cold, but if I did, you bet I would make sure I had a generator handy. If a winter storm takes out your electric grid, the heat in the home is gone, POOF! in an instant and I hate being cold. A generator can be powered up quickly to feed electrical energy to a heater. It can run lights so you can find the problem and fix it without too much trouble. It can be a life saver if you are snowbound and cannot travel because of road closures.

Of course you will need fuel stored if you are going to have a generator on your property. Store this safely in an apporved container and away from spark or flame. A few gallons can save you a bitter fight with cold, frigid air. Our generator went through a few gallons over night. Yes, it was cold enough to warrant a space heater in our trailer.

How else can you use a generator?

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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      Oh, we need one for our sump pump (water damage is the worst). And in our Canadian winters (and ice storms) we all should be prepared for power outages. A portable generator is such an overlooked item, thanks for the reminder.


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