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Find A Grave

Updated on August 2, 2012

Pictures I've taken at a local cemetary

Do you like to help people without any compensation except for having a nice warm feeling in your tummy to know that you helped someone out and made someone’s day?

I just wanted to inform those who like helping others and who don't mind contributing some time to those in need of this site called It’s a site that people who have lost someone or knows of some who have died and want to contribute a page in their memory. This also helps friends, relatives, and/or acquaintances of the deceased locate their grave site (where they are actually resting), also if they live far away from the cemetery the deceased is buried at; they can visit this site ( and leave messages and/or virtual flowers to show their respect.

I am a contributor on this site which means I get emails when there is a photo request for a tomb stone or head stone from a grave at a cemetery that is within the radius I am able to drive to. You can set the mile radius that you would travel and the cemeteries within that radius that have photo requests will send you emails. You don't have to accept the or "claim" the request if you don't think you would be able to but if you are then you claim it and fulfill it!

Why people would want a picture of a grave-site you wonder; possibly because they live far away perhaps out of state and would like to create a memorial site for a relative or they just don’t have any way to get to the actually buried location and would like to see it, I’m sure there are various reasons but these are the main reasons I know of.

I have already created a few memorable sites for some loved ones that I have lost and it feels good to help someone else in a time of need, even a complete stranger! I believe this site is very helpful and I like it so if you would like to check it out, it's!

Personally I have found this cite to be a good grieving tool for those who have lost someone dear to them and it also feels good when I get an email from the person who requested the photo thanking me for such a great photo of their loved ones head stone or grave site! I actually do a little more and clean it up (if it's dirty) put a little bouquet of flowers and snap away. Oh! I also take surrounding pictures so they can have an ideal of how peaceful and well maintained their resting spot is! is for those who have loved ones who are buried in a cemetery, therefore it's basically for almost anyone who lives some where in the world (a world wide website)!

Thanks for reading.


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