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My 7 Step Guide For Getting Off The Treadmill And On To Your True Path!

Updated on January 14, 2018

The Daily Grind

Do you want to make changes in your life and you don't know where to start? Perhaps you find yourself grumpy, stressed and irritable more often than you would like, and the daily grind feels tiring. You suspect there is more to life. You are supposed to be happy, and deep down you know you are not. Your health might be suffering, and certainly your wellbeing has taken a hit. You want a change of direction and yet you feel stuck. I know how that feels, I have been there. I turned my life around and so can you.

This article is an easy 7 step guide to help you get off that treadmill and find some direction.

Work Out What You Want From Life!

1) Work out what it is that you REALLY want out of life.

I am always a little bit shocked about how few people actually know what they really want from their lives. Often we are so busy rushing around we simply don’t take the time to work out what we want, which is madness if you think about it! It doesn't need to be a lot of time out of your schedule, and just give this some thought.

What is it that YOU as an individual really want out of YOUR life? What do you want to achieve while you are here? What do you want to do? Some people don’t bother with this because they feel stuck, and don’t think that they could possibly change their life. This is a self limiting belief and working out what you want is the starting point. It’s the first babystep for changing your life and finding your path. Start by taking this little step.

Don’t be afraid to think BIG. This is your life and you are not wrong to want what you want, whatever it may be, or however realistic or unrealistic you may judge it to be. Everyone’s path is different. Everyone has to be someone!


What Are Your Values?

1) Find out what your values are. What is important to you?

Which qualities are important to you? How do you want to be treated and how do you want to treat others? Is honesty most important to you, freedom or something else. It is crucial to know the answer to these questions. Be wary of having a generic list of values that you think sounds good. You can't be all things to all people. Instead tune in to yourself and work out which ones are truly the most important to you. Don't worry about being judged, these are your values and there is no right or wrong.

Once you know which values are important to you, you can begin to live your life around these values and creating a life that fits 'you'. This will be your internal guide and will help you stay true to yourself.

De-clutter and Simplify

1) Declutter, simplify and get rid of excess stuff and anything that doesn’t support your new life vision.

Once you have worked out what IS important to you, it’s time to get rid of everything else. This means all the clutter which we accumulate in our lives, that weighs us down and doesn’t serve us our help us towards our true path in life. You know the excess 'stuff' that we use to distract ourselves when we are not really happy.

This stuff can take the form of extra material possessions, debts, credit cards, extra weight that we carry on our body and even certain friends and aquaintances that are not really true friends. When you start looking for your path, and taking inventory of yourself and your life, this extra stuff will stick out like a sore thumb. There are many excellent resources I have found on the web about de-cluttering and getting rid of excess. The lighter you travel the quicker you will get there. And when you know where you are going (see steps 1 & 2) you will know exactly which stuff you really need to keep, and I bet you will be surprised about how little of it you actually need!


Take Positive Action

1) Take positive action to start creating your new life.

The only way to fail is never to start! I am honestly not sure who said that so I don’t know who to reference, however never a truer word was spoken! Work out exactly what practical steps you need to take to make your new life a reality. Even if it seems huge and impossible just take the first step. Momentum will build from there. It is important to have a practical plan even if you cannot see the whole journey ahead or you don't yet know exactly how it will work. Make a start.

Use Your Mind To Create Your New Life!

1) Use the power of your mind.

Our mind is incredibly powerful. Anyone who believes in the Law of Attraction and positive intentions knows that your mind is like a magnet, and therefore what you think about and imagine will grow. Choose your thoughts carefully.


Make Sure You Are Traveling In The Right Direction!

1) Keep checking in.

It’s so easy to get distracted by life and caught up in the daily grind, and before you know it years have gone by and you are no nearer to creating the life you wanted. I am ALL for slowing down and taking time to reflect. Check in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure you are still on track. Are you still living to your individual values (see step 2) and heading towards doing what you want (step 1). It doesn’t matter how long it takes and it does matter that you are headed in the right direction. Some people find it helpful to use a vision board or a journal

Don't Allow Fear To Stop You

1) Don’t let fear hold you back.

When you make changes and start something new barriers will come up. Barriers are anything that gets in your way and prevents you from having the life you want. They come in many forms. However it is helpful to know that barriers ARE a natural and normal part of the process. In fact it is better to think of them as challenges to be overcome. Accept them as part of the journey.

Also resistance may come up. That is your own resistance to putting yourself out there and creating what you want. Sometimes it is safer to hide behind excuses and staying put, however undesirable it may have become, is still less scary than changing. You have to push out of your comfort zone when making a new life and finding your purpose. Think of it like growing pains, and never let your fear hold you back.

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    • RedSirenJulie profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie Ritchie 

      8 years ago from East Sussex, UK

      Hello Bruce,

      Thank you for the warm welcome and support. That feels really nice. I am sure I will have lots of questions as I go along and begin to learn the system.

      Thanks again.

    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 

      8 years ago from Asheville NC

      Welcome to Hubpages RedSirenJulie!

      What a wonderful hub to kick off your journey with us here. I think you will find a supportive community of people with a common interest...we love to write.

      I'll be following with a special interest in your self-development hubs as this is one of my passions. I am grateful for your desire to participate with us and if I can help in any way, please ask!

      Again, Welcome and Bravo..great first hub!


    • charlie cheesman profile image

      Charlie Cheesman 

      8 years ago from England

      Very nice and I think we should all consider doing this.


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