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Finding Serenity

Updated on February 26, 2016

What Do You Thinks About Yourself

Are you happy with your life?

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Start up something easy to Finish.

Life got bored when either you don't have anything to do or you are unable to finish the thing you started.

first of all start up with something easy and for short time. it generates interest and when it'll finish it makes inner peace to body and soul. it fire-up the confidence and make us happy to do other things.

**don't start with something which you can't finish. that will ruin you.**

Sad people with happy faces

Challenge Yourself

Give challenges to yourself.. this will focus mind and keep you away from getting bored.

it is said that empty mind is home of "Devil". so keep your mind busy in doing simple and interesting things. :MOLD YOUR MIND:

Read Books.

Checkout The crazy facts in world.

Or even write something- may be a blog like I do ;)

we are surrounded with millions of crazy things, these are in front of us- just we need to see it.(not with open eyes but with heart).

We Smile to Hide

How Should We Hide from Own.!!!

we created an image of happy and working person in front of all others.

Every single one of us is many faces, we have the happy face and the sad one.
mostly we preferred everyone to see the happy and macho face that we have.. we always tries to do showoff and how cool and intelligent we are, But is it really...?

Actually we are not we hide our internal mess from other but how should we hide it from yourself. we lies to other but not from own.

somewhere and at sometimes we just need to extract all out, and its all
we need- SCREAM IT OUT... its even cheaper and
and faster and any therapy.

Kung-fu Panda. He Also Needed It.


Inner peace is all we needed.

we hide and lie to others. how to lie to own. !

start with simple things and finish to have happiness.

Scream - scream harder to extract out boredom and heaviness of mind. its even FREE

its in us not outside. "just not seen with eyes but with heart".

Ways to Be Happy

share your feelings with someone
try to take break from routine life
do crazy stuff
do yoga
spend time with freinds and family
sometimes just do things without caring result
doing crazy and epic shitt make your mind and soul feel empty and its clear to gain new data ;) scream.. scream hard... scream harder.... its free

yes you CAN :D :)

Every one wants to find it- at wrong place.


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