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Finding The Right Aromatherapy Jewelry For You

Updated on October 6, 2014


Aromatherapy Jewellries

When one says aromatherapy accessories, one would easily think about diffusers, aromatherapy candles, oil burners, and other such tools used in dispersing the aroma from the oil and be inhaled by a person to enjoy its therapeutic effects. But did you know that you can also replace your regular jewelries with aromatherapy-infused ones? Find out more below about what types of jewelries are used for aromatherapy and how you can benefit from it.

History of Using Aromatherapy Accessories

The idea of wearing aromatherapy jewelry has had a long history that dates to as far back as during the ancient times. Several cultures from the past, namely the North Americans and Hispanics, practiced the concept of wearing amulets and other jewelries that were infused with essences from various healing oils or herbs due to its effect on the mind and body.

This tradition is something that was passed onto modern times such that there are also a lot of people that wear aromatherapy jewelries these days. However, the reason for doing so might widely vary. In today's stress-filled environment, the scent dispersed from the jewelry helps to combat feeling of stress, anxiety, or depression, whether it be caused by physical or psychological factors. The ancient use of aromatherapy jewelries though were intended more for supernatural reasons, such as driving away evil spirits that they believe could also lead to the acquisition of certain ailments or health conditions.

Variant Aromatherapy Jewelries

If you care so much about your personal style or fashion sense, then you need not worry about compromising your personal style in exchange for gaining the benefits of aromatherapy. You can now combine both with the various choices of aromatherapy jewelry there are available for you to choose from.

All throughout the day, the essences from the oil are dispersed into the air, enabling for you to inhale it in. Therefore, you effortlessly get to enjoy the effect of the specific oil used for enhancing your mood or relieving you off any form of physical condition, without requiring the use of any aromatherapy accessory or tool. Some of the most common types of jewelries used for dispersing essential oils include necklace, lockets, amulets, bracelets, rings, among others. You can learn more about how you can use these jewelries and how to properly choose which ones to use, read on further below.

Aromatherapy Necklaces

The idea of wearing an aromatherapy necklace is ideal for individuals whose work or daily activities involve the use of your hands. Wearing other jewelries that are worn on your hands can cause disruption to your activities. And since the necklace is worn around your neck, it leaves your hand free and without any items that could create hassle or distraction. It will also prevent your essential oils from accidentally spilling and keeps it intact all throughout the day.

Aromatherapy Bracelets and Rings

If you do not like wearing larger pieces of jewels, then you will find wearing aromatherapy bracelets or rings to be a convenient choice. It is comparably smaller than necklaces or lockets, which means you might have to use a concentrated amount of essential oil to ensure that you can inhale the essences of the oil and enjoy its benefits. Also, this will help prevent the scent from quickly fading and be able to last for several hours during the day.

Aromatherapy Guide

How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Jewelry

The ability to wear aromatherapy jewelry in style and still be able to gain its therapeutic effect of essential oils in the body has made it a trend in the field of aromatherapy application. But aside from the ability to fulfill your stylish taste, it is a practical decision since you will eventually wear it on your body all throughout the day.

It therefore makes a great investment for your money and there are a lot of specialty stores, whether local or online. However, you can make it right at your own home, which is very simple to do and something that beginners can even manage to do. Aside from choosing the specific styles or designs that you want to use for the jewelry, you have to take careful consideration when it comes to choosing the essential oil you put into the jewelry or accessory.

To learn about how you can make your own aromatherapy jewelry, read further below:

  1. As noted above, you need to begin making essential oil jewelry by picking out the most important element for this – fragrance or type of essential oil. If you have some background on aromatherapy, then you might realize that the different fragrance can produce different effects on the body, so you could not take this step lightly.
  2. More on the style aspect, you need to choose the specific color of bead that you want. You could either stick with a single color or combine multiple colors for an aesthetically appealing pattern.
  3. Randomly tear up pieces of paper without thinking about the specific shape or size.
  4. Place those randomly torn pieces of paper into a blender to crush them into minute pieces. Add water to achieve a pulpy consistency. Once you attained the right consistency, you can now transfer it to a separate container.
  5. You can use those pulps to form homemade beads for your aromatherapy jewelry. You can create a hole in between the beads such that you can insert wires in it to put your jewelry together.
  6. Allow the beads to dry before you can soak it into the essential oil. This will enable the beads to soak up the essences from the oil before using it for the jewelry. The essences from the beads will gradually disperse into the air all throughout the day while you are wearing it.

Safety Measures

Since the jewelry soaked with essential oil is directly exposed to your skin and body, you need to observe certain safety measures and warnings to avoid irritating your skin or causing other complications. Here are some tips when wearing aromatherapy jewelry to ensure your own safety:

*The best temperature for the essential oil that is placed in your aromatherapy jewelry is that of room temperature. Aside from preventing damage to your skin with direct exposure against the jewel, this will also keep you safe from the possibility of getting your skin burnt.
*Choose potent fragrances of essential oils to be placed on your aromatherapy jewelry. This will reduce the amount of refilling needed since the scent will last for the rest of the day.
*Allow some break period before you refill your jewelry with more essential oils, especially those made of metals.

Finding the right aromatherapy jewelry for you is ideal to ensure your safety and to maximize the benefits you can enjoy.


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