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Finding Undisclosed Creativity Through Our Intimate Relationships

Updated on September 21, 2010

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Obscure Journey
Obscure Journey

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Propelling the Hidden Reserve of Latent Talent

A mode of individually expressed celestial Creativity is an essential part of the realized sustained personality. Without, which, we all wither on the perpetual vine of non-descript living. We are natural born divine creators; creating that which is stimulatingly purposeful, aesthetically beautiful, decisively meaningful, passionately inspiring, and relatively applicable.

The WILL to generate (spawn) prodigiously essentially governs and motivates us to breathe. Without the driving impetus to produce something of worthwhile substance, while inhabiting the earth plane, we would all dissipate immediately into a pronounced state of irrefutable boredom of numbed indifference.

. The ill-received capricious link between madness and creativity exploits and defines our inherent latent sacred sensual artistic possibilities (talent). With each individual breath, we inhale and exhale unformed chaos to be shaped, fused and directed as we so choose. Let none of us deny that ‘unfathomable grief is the driving force behind every artist.’

The anguish and sorrow we experience is due to the unrelenting need to express the unsung songs, the unwritten poems, undirected plays, the unstrung instruments waiting to yield glorious tones of unheard splendor. WE must create or face hourly the demise of every word not yet spoken from a heart heavy laden with so much to give, share and articulate in true unrealized bliss. “Our cup runneth over…”

We were born to communicate, connect, consume the revered moments in sheer acoustical brilliance of resonating colored tones. We know of nothing else! We are innately sexual creatures who desire to channel the sanctified spiritual sublime energy into works of gratitude filled-adorned masterpieces offered in celebration of our lives. “Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind.”

We innately need to use this consecrated force as a surrendered offering to evolve beyond the illusionary world of the material senses. How could we possibly begin each day, if without the universal certainty that we would gain the hoped for knowledge of learning something new we could enjoy, use and share?

Contribute something of benefit to/for ourselves and others? Invigorate, initiate and involve ourselves in relationships that further projected the sense of hallowed oneness in/of all things?

To be allowed to ask for understanding and wisdom to integrate our lives and ‘know’ that we will receive that which we seek earnestly is favored among all blessings. And, in that precious moment of asking “what shall I do’ summons the answer immediately.

Yet, ironically displays its disparity among the things we ‘think’ we should never do. How marvelous, this electric life in which we are afforded the splendid frustrating scenarios to ravel apart in astounding never ending mystery; uncovering the luscious hidden desires of our soul’s intent.

How utterly surprising do the ways and means present themselves as barnacles of tension only later to be dissected and dismantled as jeweled genies of grandeur.

The game of infinity is played through the juxtaposition of ‘cat and mouse’ curiosity. We search that which eludes us simply because it eludes us. If it were in plain view in the way we could perceive it, the game would end.

We must necessarily hide the quintessence nature of our soul’s tone from ourselves in order to resonate the reflection of its true resounding beauty. Its superlative tonal imprint reverberates in every aspect of our lives; most especially in those people, places and things that ‘supposedly’ hurt us the most.

The secret of our unified being lies in the imperceptible relational seeds of creation we procure and distribute. In other words, in the webbous interaction of the lives of all those we are intimately connected to.

The undeniable fact that we will continue to search for the undiscovered part of ourselves in our habitually difficult relationships registers resolute potentiality. Along with the ardent conviction, we silently hold, concerning the intricately diverse emotional drama we construe upon the others in our lives, in hopes of seeing but a small revelation of confirmation of variable sensitivity, we question the meaning of it all.

We want to believe it will ‘one day’ make perfect sense and pay off by alleviating our nebulous ungrounded despair. The spatial difficulties in our relationships uphold and support our artistic divine journey.

As we try to amalgamate our demands with our sublimations in an effort to penetrate the unknowable part of them, we diffuse ourselves.

We shall be revealed in the unveiling of the obscurity attached to the relationship itself. It, alone, remains as the definitively ardent propelling motivating force in our undisclosed creative purpose for residing on earth.

Not to run, but to stand firm in the midst of the 'whirlwind' of talent trying to surface that surrounds, envelopes and engulfs us (found only in our harbingering relationships) is our challenging but rewarding quest in final creative expression.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A real eye opener. Thank you.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Romantic love could be a path, one of them. We do learn from the pursuit of it but we are essentially whole.