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Top to Bottom Fitness and Beauty

Updated on December 1, 2010

I’m going to share with you some the things I’ve learned over the years, things I’ve never considered sharing before. I’m in a generous mood. Please keep in mind; I’m just going to do highlights. I could probably write so much more on each point but, for the purpose of this writing, I just want to hit the very basics.

First off all, you need exercise but, stop wasting your time with that silly treadmill or, all that ridiculous cardio. It’s not working, it’s not going to work, so quit wasting your time. What I’m about to reveal to you is a secret that people hold on to and then, never share. That’s because, they have these videos or books they want to sell you but, the truth is, they don’t do any of those workouts. They have a secret. Here it is:

On a cellular level, your cells use either fat or sugar. You are either burning sugar or, you are in fat burning mode. When someone gets on a treadmill for an hour, eventually, they will be in what is commonly referred to as the fat burning zone. In this zone, you do indeed burn fat. For the next 24-48 hours though, you will burn the opposite, which is sugar. How to correct this is to simply shorten your workouts to something really quick and, something that gets your heart rate up immediately, sugar burning. This way, you will burn off a bunch of sugar but, for the next 24-48 hours, you will be in the opposite mode, fat burning. This is what is desired.

Simply put, you can just run in place, moving your arms, mostly looking crazy for about 60 seconds. Move as fast as you can, as if you’re sprinting and your heart rate will go up really quickly. A mini-trampoline is great too. Now, during this time, you’re burning sugar. Rest a couple minutes and repeat this process a few more times. You’re done. Now, for the next 24-48 hours, you are going to be burning fat, not sugar. You will notice this is easy, you will have more time to do other things, and you will be losing weight a lot quicker. I have attached a video for you, if you would like more of an explanation of how this works.

Weight training is also great to incorporate in your exercise program. You can work out at home or, go to a gym. Most workouts are pretty generic. There’s nothing I can really share about weight training that you haven’t seen before. Work the various muscles you wish by doing 3 sets of 10. This is pretty standard. If you’re using lighter weights, you can just do 1 set of 30. It really depends on what your major goals are and how you want to work certain muscle groups.

The next thing I’d like to address are supplements. The best supplements that work are called, whole food supplements. If you take a daily vitamin, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s going right through your system. In one of the labs I took for chemistry, we had to use nitric acid to dissolve the outer core of a vitamin tablet. I can guarantee you that the HCl (Hydrochloric acid), which is in your stomach, is not going to be strong enough to break down and digest that tablet. However, they are not completely useless. All you have to do is break them in half before you swallow them. This allows the core to be exposed and you should have no trouble digesting them and gaining the vitamins that are promised to you.

As for other types of supplements, calcium is a must, especially for women. Calcium has many benefits for the body and work with many other minerals to ensure your body is running at peak performance.

As far as dosage, with anything I recommend, everyone varies so ask a doctor or, do some research. You know your body best and what other issues you may be dealing with. Calcium, for instance, shouldn’t interfere much with anything but, always be in the safe side.

Magnesium is also important. If you take too much calcium, you will become constipated. Magnesium stops this and works hand in hand with calcium. Buying a simple bottle of Milk of Magnesium will work. Both calcium and magnesium can be purchased at a cheap price.

Here’s my biggest secret:

My other favorite supplement to take is silicon. You may have to order over the internet or, go to a health food store to find this. This is a miracle supplement. I have beautiful nails, skin, and hair because I’ve been taking this. It helps keep your skin looking young. It also works with calcium to keep your bones healthy and strong. Your hair will be shiny and, your nails will grow. It is also good for your joints. It is one supplement that has not been talked about enough. I think, because, the people that know about this miracle silicon do not want to share it with anyone. You can find silicon in liquid form and in capsules. I absolutely recommend the liquid form and if you can find the concentrated drops, you can put a few drops in water or juice and consume that way.

Fish oils: you may have heard a lot about them in recent years. This is a hot topic right now. I recommend them as well. They do provide many benefits. Fish oil is also brain food. There should be no question that you will want to keep your brain healthy.

When it comes to skin care, I am very, very simple. I never had any acne until I became an adult and, I tried everything. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on high end products to take care of my skin and, some worked but then, all of a sudden, it was like my skin became immune to the product and, reverted to breaking out again.

To my surprise, the one thing that has worked for me: baking soda and water. I just pour a small amount of baking soda in my hand, add a slight amount of water, to make a paste, put that on my skin, wait a minute or two and rinse off. The best part is this actually gets rid of blackheads. If you want a deeper cleanse, just steam your face before you apply the baking soda-water paste.

I also love microdermabrasion. You can find all sorts of brands that offer this, just shop around. You don’t have to go high end on this if you don’t want. I’ve tried many and the cheaper ones work just fine.

The other important thing you must do to look young is keep the area around your eyes moisturized. Everyone’s skin is different. For me, I’m really sensitive around this area so, I can only use certain lotions but, find a lotion that works for you and use it consistently. Keep that area moist, don’t pull on it. Be really careful when applying and removing make up. Use Q-tips to remove eyeliner. Always be extremely gentle around this area.

There are all sorts of wrinkle creams; you can try a number of them. I really don’t have one to offer but, if you find something that works, stick with it. Use what works for you, not for someone else. The skin around the eye area is different. You may or may not be very sensitive around this area.

Now onto eating and drinking: We all know that water is good for you. A lot of people are very dehydrated and don’t even know it. Dehydration has even been linked to pain, fatigue and headaches. As far as dosage well, the whole 8 glasses, 8 ozs. each doesn’t always apply. Drink what you can. Never force yourself to drink if your body is telling you not to. Drinking too much can be just as dangerous as not drinking anything. The big tip I have for you here is stay away from sodas! They are horrible for you and your teeth.

Obviously alcohol should be avoided, caffeine, and those fruit cocktails that are loaded with sugar. I know, it’s really hard to remove these completely so, just try and enjoy them in moderation.

Everyone pretty much knows what foods are healthy and what foods are bad. I’m not going to waste your time telling you that fruits and veggies are good for you. Seems like most the stuff I run across is just basic, common, recycled crap that I already know about. Who cares?

What I will tell you is that I absolutely recommend going vegetarian. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not vegetarian because, I’m a goofy PETA freak. I understand that man eats animals. No doubt, I’d do some hunting myself and fix up a meal that consisted of meat, if I had no other choice. I do have a choice though, and getting meat out of my diet was one the absolute best choices I’ve made my entire life.

This is a huge decision to make so; I would just challenge you to be a vegetarian for 2 weeks. That’s all. You can go back to eating meat after the 2 weeks. Even if you go back to eating meat, this “fast” will help your body so much. It will clean you, make you lighter, get your digestive system working again, and give you a clear mind. So, don’t become a vegetarian; just cut meat out of your diet for 2 weeks. That is all. You will see what I mean.

If after 2 weeks, you do decide you want to stay a vegetarian, make sure you read all about maintaining that diet so, you can incorporate all sorts of new foods into your diet. Your taste buds will change dramatically. Foods that you didn’t like before will taste wonderfully. Another approach would be to do just a three day fast from meat.

If you chose not to do any of the above, then just make sure to use some common sense when picking out food. Do try to cut down on your red meats, add more fish, and chicken. I highly recommend taking pork completely out of your diet. Pig meat is extremely filthy and almost no amount of cooking will get rid of what is contained in pork. This is definitely a separate topic I plan on writing about.

Just remember that your body works at its prime when its pH is just above 7, slightly alkaline. Just like everything, when you act, you get an opposite and equal reaction. So, if your diet is filled with pasta, meat, neutral, or alkaline foods, you will produce a more acidic environment in your body. This acidic environment is a playground for diseases to grow and infections to fester.

Because, your body will fight off disease in a more alkaline state, you want to eat more acidic food. But, not all acidic foods; doing that will cause, your body to be too alkaline. This is why you always hear the word, "balance" associated with the word diet. Again, mostly common sense but, many folks don’t understand why because, they don’t understand the chemistry of the body.

A fun thing to do is get some pH paper and experiment so you can see the results yourself. I’ve done this before and found it quite interesting. I ate a lemon and waited about 10 minutes and the pH on my tongue was above 7 (I can’t remember the exact value). I smoked a cigarette, and took my pH on my tongue and it was acidic. I did this because; I’ve always suspected that is why tobacco is cancerous. It makes your body highly acidic. If you test the pH of the tobacco directly, it’s basic or, alkaline.

If you test your urine, you want to look for the opposite results. Your urine should be acidic. This is because, your urine is your waste and if it’s basic or, alkaline, that means your body is still acidic and ridding it of alkaline.

I recommend doing this because, it’s fun and you can really grasp the idea of how your body reacts to different foods.

Now, if you find that you eat and eat and eat and, never get full, it is because, your body isn’t producing enough enzymes. Digestive enzymes would be something you should look into adding into your diet. You won’t eat as much food. The enzymes will help break down the food so that you will be digesting and absorbing the nutrients that are found in your food. Also, digestive enzymes have so many other benefits. You will begin to finally get more nutrition out of your food, thereby enhancing your body functions.

I use baking soda for brushing my teeth. I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide then, dip my brush in the baking soda and brush. This works so well. It whitens your teeth, its terribly cheap, and no fluoride. These are all great benefits for using baking soda. Always, always floss.

For hair, the really important thing to take care of is build up. After so many washes, conditions, and various styling products, your scalp and hair will start to be coated with a film made up of these ingredients. Simply remove them by taking one part of vinegar, and two parts water. Run that in your hair and rub into the scalp area. You’ll see and feel the film clean off. You should do this about once a month.

Everything I have recommended, I have done and continue to incorporate in my life. This all comes from my personal knowledge, my education, and my determination to being healthy, living a happy life, and looking my best.

Aerobic Fat Burning Zone Myth


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 8 years ago

      Great hub and a lot to digest.I love the tips and thanks for sharing.

    • Tuesday75 profile image

      Tuesday75 8 years ago from Omaha, NE

      Thank you for your comments.

      My personal experience, I've gotten the best results doing the "sprint" exercises combined with weight training. Lifting weights, building your muscles... is definitely the fastest way to burn even more calories.

      The idea here, is to simply avoid putting your body in a sugar burning state in between workouts.

    • profile image 8 years ago from Somewhere on the highway....

      Thanks for taking the time making this hub.On some points i disagree.Doing exercises for 60 seconds tends to burn a small amount of sugar (carb's).It will not help that much on burning fat.Using cardiovascular exercises at the right time is a lot better.I use a clever little method in the morning where i only eat protein(eggs or whatever else) wait 2 or 3 hours ,then do cardiovascular exercises where i don't have a lot of carbohydrates saved and tend to get to the fat burning threshold faster.I had a 4% fat level when i was doing this,a little healthy eating and some circuit training got me to a level that i was so ripped that i have stopped training for over a year and still maintain my body fat very low.As for you Dewey Cheatem hitting the wall is because your body has got use to the training you do.Try to get your body in a state where it doesn't now the exercise you are doing,changing intervals,the road you are running on and even the time you are doing it tends to help in cardiovascular exercises.The more you mix up your bodies "memory" the better results you get on any exercises.On the myth sprinters tend to gain a very large amount of fat when they stop even for a month or so.The more muscle you have the more fat you burn but...the easier it is to gain fat as well as soon as you stop.The growth hormone tends to have a peek at 12 o clock in the afternoon so try training at this time to have greater fat lose effects and growing muscle.

    • Dewey Cheatem profile image

      Dewey Cheatem 8 years ago

      Well I like your mind.

    • Tuesday75 profile image

      Tuesday75 8 years ago from Omaha, NE

      Doing cardio does work but, it leaves your body burning that sugar in between. That is why it's so difficult to maintain cardio all the time. You just can't do it and it's not natural. Working out in sprints has saved so much time and has greatly improved my body.

      I just laugh at the treadmill bunnies now. :~)

    • Dewey Cheatem profile image

      Dewey Cheatem 8 years ago

      I am very happy to be one of your fans. This HUB is great. I do like to work out. I have done the cadrio and have lost weight using it, but then I hit a wall. I always wondered why. I like to swim too but being a Dad takes away most of my free time. So I am going to try your suggestions. Except for the vegetarian part that is. I love my grille and make an awesome steak. Thanks for the HUB.


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