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A Guide For Senior Fitness

Updated on June 23, 2015

Everyday Fitness For Senior Citizens

If you are 50 and above, you are right there with me among the BabyBoomer crowd. So, 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50, well you get the picture.

I saw a Barbar Walters Special on living until you are 150. Does that mean that we will start our social security at 110? I don't know about you, but I want to live long enough to enjoy my social security. And I want to be in as good a physical shape that I can be. Hey, I am like most of you, I have that little paunch around my middle, but this is the year that I get fit. Why not join me in my quest?

The total number of hours that we as modern human beings is increasing and that is not good at all. Many of us don't get exercise at all. We spend time sitting in a car, sitting at a desk, sitting watching Tv or at the computer. It's time to get up, get out and get going !

Always Check With Your Health Care Provider

Never start any type of exercise program unless you check with your health care provider ! This is especially true if you are under any type of treatement or medication. Your doctor or other health care provider will help you chose which type of exercise is best for you, as well as your goals.

Senior Fitness Tips

Great Ideas for you on how to start your fitness program

  • Get a physical Check UpCheck with your health care provider to see if you need to make any modifications to your exerciise program. Get a medical clearence if you need one-some programs may need one,
  • Determine Your Exercise StyleDo you like to participate in a class or do you like to exercise by yourself? Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you like indoor activity or do you prefer to be outdoors?
  • Start SlowlyMany people are eager to get started and overdo it, You will only get frustrated because your efforts will make you sore and you will want to quit. Start slowly and build up your stamina.
  • Every Step Counts Buy yourself a pedometer. Start by aiming for 500 steps a day. Gradually add short walks until you reach 10,000 steps in a day.You will burn calories and increase your circulation.
  • Wear The Right ShoesFoot comfort and support is important for all impact physical activities. If you have arthritis, diabetes or orthopedic problems, you can remain physically active with the help of appropriate shoe

Safe Exercise Ideas - Especially For Seniors

It's not that we can't exercise as much as we did when we were 20...well guess that is true to an extent. It's just there are a few more things to consider in our fitness program

  1. Obtain Medical Clearance Before You Start Any Exercise or Fitness ProgramThis is true for everyone
  2. Stop exercising if you feel pain.Your body is giving you a message
  3. Don't exercise when you are injured, sick, or running a temperature.
  4. Don't over_strain during exercise
  5. Don't hold your breath during exercise.
  6. Always warm up.
  7. Always cool down
  8. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise.
  9. Avoid heavy meals for about 2 hours before energetic exercise
  10. Work at an effective, yet comfortable, intensity level. You should be able to carry on a normal conversation while working out.
  11. Use good posture during exercise

The National Body Challenge

Every Senior Should Join-It's Free

One of the things that I did for myself is to join the National Body Challenge. This is a comprehensive, free program that all seniors should join. I looked at other diet programs and found the same things at the challenge and best of all, it is free !

When you register, you receive FREE:

*customized meal plans with over 1,000 kitchen-tested, nutritionist-approved recipes

*progressive fitness plans, tailored for you by experts

*diverse community of support to help you achieve your personal lifestyle goals

*individualized weight and fitness trackers

*video and interactive tools from fitness and weight loss professionals

*Weekly information packed e-newsletter

and much more!

Remember to always show your doctor any diet or exercise plan that you are planning

Click here Join The National Body Challengeecipes, free tracking of your progress, free workouts, and a lot more.

About That Potbelly

Why It's Important To Trim Your Waist

For every inch that your waistline exceeds the measurement of your chest, you can deduct two inches from your life. A potbelly tells the world that you are eating too much or exercising too little, or both.

Because a weak abdomen can interfere with the proper functioning of the organs inside it. Apart from facilitating movements of the trunk and legs, the stomach muscles provide support and protection for the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and of course the stomach. Abdominal muscles that lose their ability to serve as a kind of natural girdle allow these organs--and the lower spine--more internal movement than they were designed to handle. Digestive disorders can result, as can back problems. An estimated 80% of all lower back pain can be traced to lack of abdominal strength.

Physical fitness is to the human body what fine-tuning is to an engine. It enables us to perform up to our potential. Fitness can be described as a condition that helps us look, feel, and do our best. More specifically it is: The ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and alertly, with energy left over for enjoying leisure-time activities and meeting emergency demands. It is the ability to endure, to bear up, to withstand stress, to carry on in circumstances where an unfit person could not continue, and it is a major basis for good health and well-being.

Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles. And, since what we do with our bodies also affects what we can do with our minds, fitness influences to some degree qualities such as mental alertness and emotional stability.

Before starting an exercise program

Get your doctor's OK!

Work Out In Pairs Or Groups

It's more fun to work out with someone else or with a group. Exercise is less work and more about being social when you work out with someone else.

Yoga As A Fitness Program

Many of us as we age start getting arthritis. It's the wear and tear that is ongoing through the years that our bodies have been around. Yoga is perfect for you age. I don't see myself taking a full blown yoga class, but if you can find a chair yoga class, I promise you will reap great rewards with it. Check in your area or find a chair yoga tape that you can do at home

Toning Tables

I found a form of exercise that really works for me. It is a toning table program. Not only is it keeping my joints in better shape, but it's also helping me to lose weight. There are a series of tables that electronically move you. The series is meant to exercise you without creating stress or overdoing the program. The program calls for each table use for 6 minutes. One helps you work your knees. One does sit ups. One moves you side to side. one actually stimulates walking. Many of these programs are covered by Silver Sneakers. Check your policy to see if you have that kind of coverage.

Tell Us Your Fitness Story - Or Just tell us what you think about our lens

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    • profile image

      Colin323 3 years ago

      Keeping the pot-belly under control is the biggest 60+ challenge (for me), especially if you like an alcoholic drink. I've tried exercising, but get very bored with it, so stick to active-routine tasks, like digging in the garden and walking anywhere I can, instead of taking the car or bus. This is quite effective.

    • profile image

      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      Great information. Now I just have to get busy.

    • RoadMonkey profile image

      RoadMonkey 5 years ago

      I started exercising for the first time since I ran about as a child, at the age of 47. I put flat trainers on to walk a mile and had to turn back before doing even half a mile because my calves (back of legs) were so sore, I could cry. It wasn't the distance, but having worn even small heels in the office, meant that my achilles tendon, at the back of the ankle, had shortened and in flat shoes, it was trying to stretch again, causing severe pain. Now, 16 years later, I wear trainers every day, can walk 3.5 miles daily with no problem, including up the side of a hill, go to circuit training classes with people 20 and 30 years younger than me, can lift weights and have just started Pilates classes.

    • KiwiSanet profile image

      KiwiSanet 5 years ago

      My mom who is in her 70âs recently joined a gentle exercise for senior class and is enjoying it very much. I have noticed a definite improvement in her balance and flexibility.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Good Info, for me it all starts with Energy,if I don't have that , I can't get going.

      Thanks for all your information , keep it coming.

    • profile image

      FitSteph 8 years ago

      Wow what a great blog! If anyone is looking to chat about workout programs , this is one of my favorite health & fitness sites. It lets you track food, plan meals, build workouts, and count calories!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Check out, a fitness tracking site with calorie counter and large community of members.