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5 Ways to Lose Weight

Updated on November 7, 2013

We all have a point (or two or three) in our lives where our body insecurities get the best of us, when we feel like a fat blog and just want to hide away from the world until we find a solution. Trust me your not alone.

In 2010 more than two billion people worldwide were overweight. Think how many there would be now? While a shocking percentage of the worlds population is heading in the direction of obesity, there is the flip side to the equation, where a good half of the world population are obsessed with losing weight. Now I am not indicating that this is a bad thing, but there is always a way you should go about things.

Today more people are pushing towards being fit and healthy rather than skinny. But you find that people are still looking for “quick” solutions to lose weight. When we see celebrities like Miley Cyrus lose weight in the blink of an eye, it makes us more conscious about our current weight and situation. We all want to be able to lose weight and to do it fast, and we get so caught up in it that we forget to do it properly, we opt for what we perceive as the quickest solution instead of the healthiest.

Say No To Crash Diets

A crash diet is limiting your body to only a small amount of calories a day, causing your body to stress, which leads to faster weight loss in a smaller period of time. Before you even consider trying one, think of the name “CRASH diet”, how healthy does that really sound?

Crash diets are used mostly for short term weight loss, for example people that may have a special event to attend to, like a ball or a wedding. But if you are looking for a solution for long term weight loss, this is not the road you should be heading down. Crash diets may lead to fast weight loss, but when you go back to your normal daily eating habits, all that weight you just lost, comes right back on.

Most crash dieters end up competing in a unhealthy weight loss circle. They lose weight, then gain it again, then lose it, then gain it. Just think of the stress that you would be putting on your body, and all for what? the chance to feel what it’s like to be slim for a second before it is taken away from you? Wouldn’t you rather have a healthier, fitter figure that is there to stay? one that doesn’t come with an instruction booklet that reads you have to deprive yourself of food? one that doesn’t have an expiry date?

Dr Caroline J.Cederquist enlightens us about the effect of Crash Dieting

No, It's Not Natural To Throw Up Your Food.

Going out for a nice meal and ordering the rump steak only to afterwards feel guilty and end up throwing it up in the toilet... well that was a good $20 worth of food wasted.

Bulimia is an eating disorder that effects mostly women, but also males. Many people who don't want to give up the taste of certain foods decide to follow the bulimic road, in their minds it works out for the better, because you get the taste of food and then throw it up again, so your body doesn't gain the weight from it. Most people that suffer from this eating disorder often resort to binge eating first before throwing it back up. Throwing up is the most common way for people suffering with bulimia, to get rid of their food, but it is also common to take laxatives (these are pills or liquids that cause the process of digesting food through your body, to speed up and lead to a bowel movement).

Bulimia causes so many problems that outweigh the fact that you loose weight. The affect that it has on your body and your health is dangerous.

I am sure that most girls at one point or another has considered throwing up their food, even I have. When I was 17, I went through a point in my life where I wasn't happy with my body, so much that I began obsessing about my weight. I remember one night when we had Mc Donald's for dinner, and because I had been eating pretty healthily all week, I though I would treat myself to a big mac. After I finished the meal, all I could think about was the amount of calories that I had consumed and it made me feel sick. So my natural reaction was to go to the toilets and attempt to throw it back up. Sitting on the toilet floor with one arm hugging the toilet bowel and the other with my fingers down my throat, I realised I had hit an all time low. I was disgusted with myself and couldn't believe that I had let myself get to this stage. I was in shock, and vowed to never do it again.

My point in telling this story is to let people know that we have all had low points, points in our lives that we regret, but we can't let ourselves get caught up in it, we have to realise them, do something about it and then move on with our lives.

Eat A Balanced Diet.

It's not about restricting food from your diet (this can lead to binge eating when you have cravings, because we all get them from time to time), it's about balancing it out so that you are eating more of the right foods and less of the unhealthy foods (but treating yourself from time to time is OK!). A lot of people think that when they decide to eat healthy, they have to say goodbye to the chocolates, sweets and crisps, but in reality you don't. Everything in moderation!

Pile up the vegetables and fruits, cut down on the carbohydrates like pasta and bread (You can buy brown bread and pasta for a healthier option), and once or twice a week treat yourself to some dessert or something you love to congratulate yourself for your good effort.

I found that when I motivated myself to eat healthier, my cooking improved, as well as my creativeness because I used to be so accustomed to just go straight to the snack box when I was hungry. Crisps and microwavable meals were my go to in my time of hunger. A few tips on making it through those craving stages.

- Snack on carrots or celery, not only is it healthy for you, but it also gives you the bite and crunch that satisfies your craving for the munchies.

- NEVER go to the supermarket hungry. It is the worst possible thing you can do, because you are easily tempted by everything you know you shouldn't have.

- Keep a photo of your body goal on your phone and even possibly on your fridge, this way every time you go for a junk food fix you can be reminded of what you are trying to achieve.

- Keep a small box of your favourite goodies to treat yourself with every now and then, but get rid of other temptations. The worst thing when trying to eat healthy is having the temptation right in front of you. What's best for you and your body is to get rid of it, so you don't eat it.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a chore. There are so many great recipes out there that are good for you and taste just as good as any amount of junk food, and even better. So it's time to get creative and get your cook books out. Think of it as a project, see what healthy recipes you can come up with, time to test your taste buds!

What is your favourite form of exercise

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Though healthy eating is the most important part when it comes to losing weight, don't forget to get out there and do some exercise. Exercise keeps you toned and ask any guy but toned women have a higher sex appeal than skinny women. I always find that the first couple of weeks are the hardest when it comes to trying to get into the habit of exercising, but once you have created the habit it begins to come easy, its something you wake up and want to do.

I have this saying, if you leave the gym still looking presentable, then you haven't worked hard enough. Workouts are supposed to make you sweat, make you hair stick out in odd directions and make you feel like your body is made of jelly at the end of it.

If your not a fan of hitting the gym and getting really sweaty on the treadmill, you can try other forms of exercise. For me my personal favourite is Pilates, not only does it work and tone every muscle in your body, but it also improves your flexibility and has amazing health benefits. If your a sporty person there are a range of sports that keep your body looking fit. No I am not talking only about running or cycling, take up a more exhilarating sports like if your near the beach try out your luck on a surfboard. Surfing is amazing at working every muscle in your body and not to mention it looks cool and sounds awesome if you can say you can surf.

When it comes to working out, find something that you love, something you will look forward to doing, that way exercise will come easier and you will find it easier to get that body you are wanting.

Don't Over Obsess

This is a key point when it comes to losing weight. When you become obsessive you stress out easier and become more paranoid. Remember that these things take time, but in the end the wait will be more than worth it. Set yourself a goal and work towards it, but don't beat yourself up if you don't see results straight away, you will in time.

When working out its important to give your body a break every now and then. I find that it is good to have gap days every 2 or 3 days. Give your body time to rest and recover, this will lead to better results.

Also if you happen to get an injury, don't be stupid and keep working out, you will only make it worse in the end. I used to do Pilates everyday without fail. During one workout I pulled a muscle in my back which meant it was time to take a break and rest up for a bit. The idea of this annoyed me as I had gotten myself into a habit, one that I didn't want to break. So silly me kept working out and trying to over come the injury which only resulted in me having to stop working out entirely for 2 weeks instead of a couple of days because I had put that much strain on my muscles.

Remember to listen to what your body is telling you. It has its ways of letting you know when enough is enough, you just have to pay attention to the signs.

Weight loss doesn't need to be hard, yes it takes time but its a journey that you need to make for yourself and not for anyone else. Even if your not at your key weight, learn to love your body, and yes that includes the scars, the love handles and the cellulite on the back of your legs. If you don't learn to love your body, the way that it is, then you will never be truly satisfied with it, no matter how much you lose, you will always find something to criticise. Keep your head up and stay confident!


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    • Cassidydt profile imageAUTHOR

      Cassidy Dawson-Tobich 

      6 years ago

      That is so true vibesites, I think saying no to something entirely is a waste, portioning things correctly is the way forward :)

    • vibesites profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Balanced diet is still the best kind of diet. It doesn't mean you'll deprive yourself of the favorite things you've been munching but now there should be control about it. See eating chocolates and chips as a reward, as long as you get the right amount of nutrients in your diet. Great hub there my friend. :)


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