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Foods that Improve Eyesight

Updated on June 22, 2012

Have you ever wondered what foods improve our eyesight naturally? In order to improve our eyesight, we need vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Lutein helps counteract the damage caused by free radicals, keeping cells healthy and protecting against illness and disease. Zeaxanthin helps protect the eye from ultra-violet (UV) damage, and prevents free-radical damage to the retina and the lens of the eye. There are a lot of foods with these rich nutrients. Make sure we add these foods to our meals.

  • Avocados: Avocado has both vitamin E and lutein. It is great to eat avocados in salads, alone or on sandwiches.
  • Eggs (yolks): Egg yolks are helpful for raising blood levels lutein and zeaxanthin by 25 to 30%. The darker the egg yolk, the more nutritious it is.
  • Salmon: Salmon is rich in Vitamin A and D plus omega 3. Salmon is greatly recommended for dry eyes as well.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate protects blood vessels in our eyes. If you need an excuse to munch on some chocolates, use this excuse!
  • Red Wine: One glass of red wine improves our vision, blood flow, and heart rate. Don't go crazy on wine! Moderation is the key.
  • Bilberries: Try bilberries; it improves blood supply to the eyes.
  • Leafy Greens such as spinach, collard greens, cabbage, broccoli and kale. These greens are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin and with an abundance of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C and calcium.
  • Garlic and Onion: Garlic enhance the flow of blood and bolster the immune system. Garlic and onions maintain circulatory health.
  • Yellow and orange vegetables like carrots, squash, and pumpkin. These contain beta carotene, which convert to vitamin A in your body. Beta carotene is also good for the retina and protects the eyes from damage caused by the sun.
  • Soy: Low in fat, high in protein, and it contains important fatty acids and other nutrients that are beneficial to your eyes.

Other fruits/vegetables rich in lutein and zeaxanthin are mangoes, kiwi, honeydew, peas, corn, red grapes, and oranges.

Other foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, oils, wheat germs, and seeds.


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      PF101 5 years ago

      Hmmm... very interesting. Didn't know any of this!!!