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Foods to Avoid When on a Diet

Updated on October 19, 2015
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Haris is a registered dietitian and health blogger providing clinical counseling. He writes under name of Bilaras on health blogs.

To lose weight, exercising and eating right are two components that go hand in hand. Eliminate either one of them, and weight loss becomes a real struggle which has no real rewards at the end. Exercise bears itself little fruits when the intake of food is wrong, the process becomes slow and frustrating, prompting many people to quit the weight loss battle altogether.

So we can say that, eating right is a challenge, one has to learn an extensive list of foods which are good for you and which are not, but it is very important challenge which requires plenty of attention. The timings and the portions of the meals have to be decided and calculated to compliment the exercise regime. Where it is difficult task to up take, it can be made very easy by starting off with foods which are an absolute ‘No No’ when losing weight.

Drinks That Are Bad for Your Diet Plan

Drinks compliment meals and make them even more delicious than they are, but what they also do is eliminate the desire for drinking water during and after meals. Water is very essential as it helps in food digestion and giving the person the feeling of fullness, which hinders over eating. Drinks like alcohol and soft drinks have no nutritional value and they are pure calories and sugar which pack on the pounds. Consuming these high sugary drinks does the body and the diet regime no good. For example shakes and smoothies may look like the healthier option but the cream, sugar and milk content in them make them full of calories, so to sum up, the types of drinks to be avoided are;

Drinks to Avoid When Dieting

1. Soft drinks

2. Alcohol

3. Smoothies

4. Shakes

Pizza and Diet plan don't go together

Pizza are delicious cheesy delights, and they are also on ‘no eat list’ once when starts to diet. Though they are baked and one can argue that baked is always less fattier than fried, but that does not eliminate the calorie packed toppings and specially the dough. Pizza also uses at least two different kinds of cheese, which is never good news for the daily calorie count.


Reducing weight and eating right requires choosing foods with low carbs content and low fats. While bagels are definitely low in fats, but their carbs content make them a strong component for the ‘no eat list’.

Use Brown Bread Instead of White Bread & Brown Rice Instead of White Rice

White rice and White bread

Among things to avoid, ‘white’ foods are supposed to be the first ones to go, for example white rice and white bread.

White bread, like all the white foods, has empty calories. They do the body no good nutrients wise, but they pack on the pounds in the form of calories. They have high content of food refined starch, and are not an ideal choice for weight loss purposes. At the same time, White rice is also a empty calorie dish, and should be avoided when on a diet. White rice is very refined and has high glycemic carbohydrate content in it. Glycemic carbohydrate problem is it breaks down into glucose quickly, which in turns stimulates the appetite, thus making one hungrier. When dieting, the feeling of fullness is a blessing and when one gets the feeling they want or should eat more, they pack on pounds on pounds. If there are people who cannot eat without rice, the ideal suggestion is for them to switch to brown or basmati rice, as they contain low glycemic carb.

Ground Beef Could be Bad When Trying to Lose Weight

Ground beef may sound like an unusual choice to religiously avoid when on a diet, but ground beef has a very high fat contents. So consuming it for dinner or a heavy lunch is not a good idea because of it's bad calorie to nutrition ratio. For example, in just a single serving of ground beef, there are 26 grams of fat. Instead of going all beef meal go for a combination of Lentil and Hummus.

Fried Foods and Fast Foods are Bad for Health

These two food types are the most understood foods to avoid, for their obvious dangers to health, fat content and amazing levels of calories.

Fried foods include French fries, fried chicken, fried fish and etc. they with a doubt make a very delicious evening meal with friends, they are very high in fat, calories and cholesterol. They are not even good for one’s health, like the heart. Fried food contains lots of oil, and they are responsible for majority of heart related diseases.

Fast foods like burgers, nuggets and fries are convenient, easily available and ‘fast’, but they very bad news for the stomach and the fats that gets stored. It is difficult to lose weight brought by these delicious foods.

High Fat Versions of Food

High fat version of foods means in taking the fattier versions of the foods. For example, dairy products like milk are healthy for the body, for the purpose of calcium and different nutrients, it is important to consume. But just because it is required for health, does not mean a less calorie packed version of them cannot be found. Switching of low fat milk or skimmed milk provides the same benefits and also contains fewer calories. Where it is important to avoid high calories foods, finding their low fat or fat free version isn’t always bad.

Food and Calorie Concept.

Your brain tells you to eat when ever your stomach is empty and it tells you to stop when stomach is full. There is a time delay between this whole process and that's where most of us make mistakes. Ever wonder why you went from being very hungry to near dying condition without getting the stop signal in between when you had just the right amount of food inside your belly well that's where the time delay comes in. Go slow on your food try to enjoy it as much as you can, slower you eat your food less you'll consume. Chew your food properly as it helps with digestion and don't rush through your meal.

Sugary Cereal Are Bad for Dieting

Only thing good about cereals with added sugar is their attractive packaging and a long list of nutrients printed on back. Single serving of Frosted Flakes or Cap'n Crunch definitely feels like heaven, but with high levels of sugar plus other inflammation causing ingredients it is not good for health. Same could be said about chocolate covered so called meal in a bowl cereals.

Bacon, Specifically Bacon strips

With 45-50 calories in a single strip it may look like good choice, but bacon strips fill out your daily fat quota in few bites. Bacon is hard on digestive system and may cause problems for your heart. Good bacon alternates are vegetables and nuts or dried fruits.

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      Hkim 5 years ago

      Wouldn't it be amazing if some one comes up with a diet plan that includes all of the above items.