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Updated on November 2, 2009

Fat Burning Magic Food: Protein

If you would like to melt fat fast to heighten your efforts to lose weight and get fit through intelligent meal planning you need to use foods that actually burn fat. One of the reasons that simply calorie tracking does not work is that calories are not created equally and some are more helpful to your efforts than others.

For example, it is hard to outperform lean protein to lose fat. Carbohydrates accelerate insulin production, which causes the body to accumulate calories; proteins, on the other hand, don't work as carbs, and consequently calories are not stored and fat is utilized as fuel for the day.

Also, protein is very effective at making you feel less famished. Cutting calories is easier when you eat meals that are high in protein, since they will leave you feeling fuller and more content.Also, proteins rank among the best foods that lose fat because they enable the body to build and maintain lean lean muscle mass.

The added lean muscle mass will further quicken your metabolism, helping you melt fat quicker and more easily. Muscle increase and maintenance begins with weight training at the gym, but proteins carry out the process once you are at rest.

Always bear in mind that certain protein sources work better than others.

First, be sure that you are eating only low fat proteins. Lean and low-fat proteins contain fewer fat calories but contain all the important proteins your body needs. Foods like skinless poultry, lean red meat, skim milk, egg whites, and cottage cheese have high quality protein with virtually no fat, making them the top foods that burn fat.

Next, ensure that you always pick “complete proteins”. Complete proteins include all 8 of the essential amino acids which makes them the best foods that lose fat.. The body cannot manufacture important amino acids, and so you must acquire them through your food. You can usually find complete proteins in animal proteins.

By promoting lean muscle growth, minimizing appetite, and increasing metabolism, high quality proteins have earned their mark on the list of the best foods that melt fat.

Your body’s rate of “thermogenesis” is boosted by high protein ingestion. This process boosts your inner body temperature as a consequence of your body’s efforts to break down protein for assimilation. Because your body will work harder to digest high protein meals, extra calories will be burned in the process.

Boost your body’s transformation by adding high quality protein to each meal, which will heighten your ability to lose fat and build lean muscle. Now you know why high quality proteins are among the best foods that melt fat: they manage your hunger, build muscle, and lose fat all at the same time.

To get the most out of your efforts to lose fat fast incorporate fat burning meal plans into your daily routine.

Fat Loss With Low Fat Foods


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