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Endometrial ablation for Heavy Periods, Fibroids

  1. BSloan profile image74
    BSloanposted 5 years ago

    Hi everyone.  I've been diagnosed with fibroids and polyps in my uterus and have been recommended I do an endometrial ablation with a product called NovaSure.  Since my hemoglobin is low 7.8, my doctors says I need to do this asap to stop bleeding and therefore avoid my hemoglobin going even lower.

    From all the research and reviews I have seen, there are more negative experiences than positive ones from endometrial ablation. 

    What are some ways to rid myself of fibroids and decrease heavy bleeding that does not include surgery?  Any information or advice anyone has is greatly appreciated!

    1. tammybarnette profile image60
      tammybarnetteposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I have fibroids as well, honestly in my opinion, hysterectomy is probably your best option, I am scheduled for one myself....however, if you are young and would still like to have more children, I would research some other doctors...I do know that when I was younger and the fibroids were first found, birth control helped me, I was having two periods a month, it regulated my periods and stopped the heavy flow...I wish I knew more smile

      1. BSloan profile image74
        BSloanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you for responding, I'm 44 and already have children so I don't plan on having any more children.  Just the thought of surgery scares me since both my c-sections were very painful.  Thanks for your reply

        1. AmyV profile image59
          AmyVposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          Look into a vegan diet.  I thought I was headed that way too.  After years of being on birth control pills and also from all of the hormones we consume in the dairy and meat we eat, I think it all messes with us (on top of the "normal" hormone fluctuations from  having kids).  Some great documentaries I've watched are "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," "The Gerson Miracle," "Forks Over Knives," "Food Matters," and "Hungry For Change."  They all are big supporters of how our bodies can heal themselves since the human body is amazing, but we just need to take care of it properly.  Anyway, my hormone issues (although I know they weren't nearly as serious as yours sound) have improved in just the 1 month I've gone vegan.  I want to do a juice fast (as described in "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead") because I think it will help to flush out the toxins that much faster.  Maybe you're thinking this is all way out there, but what do you have to lose by at least checking it out?  Good luck!!!

          1. BSloan profile image74
            BSloanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

            I totally agree with you and have been researching how I can improve my health and anemia eating raw veggies, more soy and legumes.  I'm a firm believer that medicine is needed to cure some ailments but I think that you can heal yourself of many ailements naturally and they also would last a lifetime.

            Thanks so much for your response, I've seen the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead but not the other ones.  I'm going to look into them.

            Please share with us any juices you may have that can benefit us all.  Thanks again! smile

            1. AmyV profile image59
              AmyVposted 5 years agoin reply to this

              Just to give you more of a background, I was bleeding for a week or more every time I got my period, bled again for several days when I ovulated, and sometimes after intercourse.  I went on the pill again for 3 months, which seemed to alleviate most of the breakthrough-type bleeding, but once I researched all of the diet stuff and changed mine, I had a hard time feeling good about taking a synthetic hormone.  I did more research and one woman (I don't remember who or I'd give her credit) made a great point; why take a pill to alleviate symptoms of an underlying problem that at some point will have to be addressed?  Instead, try to fix the underlying problem.  Then when I found out that the 2 main steroids (hormones) in the birth control pill are listed on the CDC's known carcinogen list, I had to stop immediately.
              Since then, I've added B-Complex vitamins & C vitamins (2 of each daily) along with taking a multi-vitamin.  I would like to add an A vitamin too, as I've heard great benefits of it in relation to hormones and women's health, but I'm going to try getting it from food first (carrots, squash, etc - things I've never really learned to like).
              Once I start juicing, I will definitly share!  One smoothie I make regularly that I love is as follows:
              1 Banana
              2 Tbsp Peanut Butter
              2-3 cups of Spinach (I just put a couple of handfuls into the blender)
              3/4 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
              1 tsp Truvia or a packet of natual Stevia (natural sweetener - you could also use honey or something like that)
              Just blend until smooth - tastes delicious (if you like the peanut butter-banana combo) - You don't taste the spinach but yet it's there giving you a bunch of calcium along with the almond milk!

              Another good documentary is "A Beautiful Truth."  You can find some of these for free on Hulu or in parts on YouTube.  Otherwise I've watched most of them on Netflix.

              Keep us posted on how things go for you as well!  Good luck!

              1. AmyV profile image59
                AmyVposted 5 years agoin reply to this

                Oh, I forgot, 2 cups of ice also in the smoothie!  Don't forget that!  :-)
                Also you could skip the Truvia and instead add a vanilla protein powder (whey or soy), but I find it filling enough without, especially when the soy seems more chalky and I'm not eating whey.