1. Daniellla profile image60
    Danielllaposted 4 years ago

    Thirties is all about questioning self- have I helped enough, have i given back as much and more than i have received, have I achieved enough? And the doubt creeps in- I should have done more, given more, worked harder, i should have dreamed bigger; but unfortunately age comes with "sensible" - dreams shrink to the safe and achievable size, risks are too risky to even consider, rebellious spirit within ourselves is as good as buried alive. All your life everyone will groom you to aspire to middle class, let me tell you- middle class is the biggest waste of time, trust me it is boring) Dream big, be courageous enough to follow your dreams no matter what you want to do, and carry on enjoying every second of the journey!

  2. Minnaloushe profile image76
    Minnalousheposted 4 years ago

    Thirties is the age of expedience. Forties is the age of judgment. Now you are trying to do all you can with insights from your best grasp of reality to date; and in your forties you will evaluate whether these efforts were a success, and what that word "success" even means to you. And another door opens.