Pregnancy Food Chart

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    racheltan1983posted 3 years ago

    What food chart should follow during pregnancy?

  2. Dr Christopher Ng profile image61
    Dr Christopher Ngposted 3 years ago

    A well balanced diet good for pregnant ladies includes:

    Early Morning: Dry fruits milk shake or pure apple or tomato juice.

    Breakfast: Whole wheat breads with omelet or vegetables and cashewnuts. Oats can also be consumed.

    Mid Morning: Spinach or tomato soup, sometimes mixed vegetable soup can also be consumed.

    Lunch: Vegetables, rice, chapatti, curd, pulses, salad and black grapes.

    Evening: Light snacks like cheese corn sandwich, apple, apricot, peanut cookies can be taken.

    Dinner: Brown rice, paratha, green salad, palak paneer, vegetables, yoghurt.