Work From Home and Fitness and Health

  1. Maryam Nasrullah profile image24
    Maryam Nasrullahposted 5 weeks ago

    Research shows that an average person gains 30 pounds in the first year of working at home. Do you agree? 

    Unfortunately, the care of our bodies is not always a top priority for many freelancers ( if not all). It’s easy to get caught up in all our work–particularly because we enjoy it so much.
    And if you work from home, you have fewer reasons and opportunities to get up, walk and move. I know of at least one writer who can sit in front of her computer for up to six hours straight!

    How is work from home affecting your health?

    1. Luciferguson profile image82
      Lucifergusonposted 3 weeks agoin reply to this

      Even in the workplace making yourself get up and walk around can be a challenge.
      There are a number of apps available which will prompt you with alarms to get up and move away from your screen, something that can be used in typical offices as well as working at home.