Looking for extra help with hemorrhoids for my new website about hemorrhoids???

  1. jusblubutterfly profile image53
    jusblubutterflyposted 8 years ago

    Looking for extra help with hemorrhoids for my new website about hemorrhoids???

    Hi Benson, I am about to start my 2nd website and hemorrhoids happens to be it.  How to cure hemorrhoids..  I am a nail tech by day, mother of two and by night I am teaching myself how to become an affiliate marketer through a great company.  I was wondering if you being a surgeon in this field had any particular keywords that you could suggest that people would most likely ask before they go into surgery , about hemorroids, or about the surgeory.  This could be a great opportunity for getting the right keywords into my website.  I can understand if thats not possible , thank you  justine

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    Benson Yeungposted 8 years ago

    Please consider the following keywords, including the wrong spellings of hemorrhoids (like hemorrhids, hemerhhoids, hemorrhoids, etc):
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    Hemorrhoids Rutin
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    preventing hemorrhoids
    prolapsed hemorrhoids
    prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoids
    anal burning
    anal itching