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Why not to smoke cigarettes?

  1. LOT2DO profile image39
    LOT2DOposted 8 years ago

    Why not to smoke cigarettes?

  2. Katelyn Weel profile image88
    Katelyn Weelposted 8 years ago

    Smoking is generally being viewed as dirty, smelly, and unhealthy by more and more people these days. Many people turn their noses up when they see someone smoking in their car or walking down the sidewalk, and it's often seen as a weakness in many ways.

    So for social reasons it's not a good idea. It really does smell awful. I worked as a cashier once, and the worst part was having to talk to people who just came in from a smoke... the smell was just atrocious and I had a hard time being polite to those people, not to mention fighting my gag reflex.

    Yeah, that's an extreme example and most people do cover up the smell very well but it's still not an attractive habit.

    But in any case I think everyone knows the nasty side effects as far as health is concerned...

  3. lotuslove19 profile image69
    lotuslove19posted 8 years ago

    Smoking is just like charring your internal organs ,take a piece of cloth and blow out the smoke which you sucked from the cigarette.,you will see a brown burnt patch on the cloth ,it shows that your lungs too get burnt in the same way as the burn seen on the cloth,Now its up to you to decide ,to have a cigarette or not.moreover our dear one become passive smoker if you have cigarette when they are around ,and bring harm to them as well as yourself.

  4. LetusPonder profile image79
    LetusPonderposted 8 years ago

    A huge majority of smokers are desperately trying to quit.  ALL of them will tell you not to start smoking.

    And most of those who are NOT actually trying to quit, will ALSO tell you not to start smoking.

    Why would anyone want to blatantly ignore millions upon millions of people's advice and do that one thing that almost everyone who does is now trying to quit?

  5. iva dragostinova profile image77
    iva dragostinovaposted 8 years ago

    Because smoking really is completely pointless! I have been a non-smoker for 9 days and was a smoker for 14 years. It is amazing the damage it does to self- confidence. I felt I could not do without it. But I am fine!! Smoking is a big lie and so many fall for it. not to mention all the health reasons we are all fully aware of. I now spend my "smoking money" on dance classes, very fun and healthy too! It is ridiculous, pointless and hard to stop smoking you start, but NOT impossible!

  6. angela_michelle profile image99
    angela_michelleposted 5 years ago

    Everyone knows that cigarette smoke is bad for you, but what does cigarettes actually do? How does it cause cancer, and what in it is bad for you? Lung pics included. read more