I just purchased a new airsoft "TF 16" It jammed on the first shot. How can I u

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    FinnRoposted 8 years ago

    I just purchased a new airsoft "TF 16" It jammed on the first shot.  How can I unjam to gun

    The gun did not come with a cleaning rod so I have tried gently pushing down the barrel with a coat hanger.  No luck.  If you look into the small opening where the BB's enter the hop-up, you can see a jammed BB.  But there is also a small piece of metal that seems to protrude out from inside the entrance to the hop-up.  It seems the BB won't release because it is stuck on this metal piece.  When I push down the barrel with the coat hanger (to the point where you meet resistance), you can see that metal piece move in and out as though it is moving on a spring??  Help!

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    PITVIPER1posted 8 years ago

    you must use a cleaning rod. Don't use the coat hanger. Is the magazine removed? Have you fired 1 shot after the jam? You may be referring to the hop up as the piece that is moving. Pull your charging handle to the rear and open the ejection port cover. Inside you should see a dial (looks kind of like a gear). turn that dial counter clockwise (to the left) you still need a rod to dislodge the bb. Do not use a coat hanger. It will scratch and destroy your inner barrel. Look at walmart or a similar place and find a small cleaning kit with a PLASTIC rod, not metal. You must adjust the hop up first before using the cleaning rod. You will need to order some ICS or similar brand pure silicone to spray inside the barrel. NEVER use WD 40. Use the eyelet end with patches and clean your inner barrel regularly.