can woman used Force Factor?

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    smartflacaposted 7 years ago

    can woman used Force Factor?

    I just joined the Gym. My weigh is 137 pound and my height is 5, 6". I don't want to loose weight just wants to shape and have a little muscle. I have soft, big breast. I am 32 and after I got my daughter my breast got bigger and softer. I will like to gain some muscle to make them harder. Plus I want the six packs in my stomach. Is this a good product for me?

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    grayvitaliyposted 7 years ago

    Hi there, it might be a late reply for you, but anyway)))
    There is a thing about breast - in a female body it composed of adipose tissue (in easy words - for fat storage) which contains mammary glands; all muscles, completely similar to males ones are under them. you can tone up muscles with exercises but  not glands, that`s just how it works. when a woman goes on a diet she loose breast size first usually for the same reason, and all the rest who does not - got implants, that`s another truth.
    six packs - here everything is fine, eat healthy, exercise - all will be ok.
    Force Factor - nitric oxide booster, mostly to increase pump during training, i used heaps of such products preparing for bb comps. - do u really need it? - if your blood pressure is fine it might give some feeling of energy boost for a short time, and probably not much else, so decide for yourself. myself i prefer Gaspary nutrition`s "Super Pump 250" - my opinion - best for the price and quality out of all the rest.