can i give my breasts to my mom

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    veinposted 7 years ago

    can i give my breasts to my mom

    my mom had a mastectomy and the reconstruction went bad... in my opinion my boobs are large and i would like to give some of them to my mom for reconstruction is that possible?

  2. T.L.Eaves profile image65
    T.L.Eavesposted 7 years ago

    Medically speaking, fat can be transferred from elsewhere in the body to create breasts...but there may be some compatibility issues with letting someone else have harvested fat...especially if that person might have a depressed immune system becuase of cancer, etc.  You could consider asking a doctor, but a qualified plastic surgeon is probably your best bet.  Your mom might be better off using her own fat stores as breast enhancement.

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    harrybaguio@hotmaposted 7 years ago

    Even though she is your mother, your tissue cells are totally different from you own. So what happens if you put your fat cells in her body, her body is gonna go "WTF, who are these cell?" Her body immune system is going to attack your implanted cells and those cells are going to die, unless your gonna take immunesuppresants. BUT!, immune suppresant are bad for you. It lowers your ability to fight infection thus, puts your at risk for diseases.

    So, to answer your question  is No. Its better to have breast implants. SInce she got a bad job done. Go to a better Doc to get it fixed.