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Electronic Cigarettes safe every way?

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    spenceriowa1posted 7 years ago

    Electronic Cigarettes safe every way?

    Electronic Cigarettes produces a Vapour mist that is completely Satisfying to the Smoker in every way

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    ankigarg87posted 7 years ago

    e-cigarette is a much healthier option for non-smokers to grab mainly because they are safer than tobacco and also cheaper

  3. mjawedr profile image56
    mjawedrposted 7 years ago

    The health effects of using electronic cigarettes are currently unknown. Several studies regarding the long-term health effects of inhaling nicotine vapor are currently in progress, though it will be many years before the results are known.

  4. Greener Energy profile image58
    Greener Energyposted 7 years ago

    I think they must be close to 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is my best guess from all the research I have done over the past year and I use them myself. I noticed less coughing and phlegm about 2-3 months after I switched to the electronic cigarette from tobacco smoking.