will paracetamol heel the injure

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    rafeeq nnnposted 7 years ago

    will paracetamol heel the injure

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    anthony879posted 7 years ago

    You get up in the morning and the first step is agony, like standing on a sharp stone. You limp for a while and the pain eases, at least to begin with. Same thing happens tomorrow, and the day after and each day the pain lasts longer and gets worse.

    If you go to your doctor you will probably get two things: some painkillers and advice to rest. You might get a diagnosis of "policeman's heel", or "heel spur", or you might get the medical name "plantar fasciitis", all these names mean the same thing.

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    annewhitefieldposted 7 years ago

    no. because paracetamol will only take the pain away.