My husband was working outside and has gotten too hot. He is having muscle cramp

  1. profile image48
    gdubnangiposted 8 years ago

    My husband was working outside and has gotten too hot. He is having muscle cramps, and nausea,...

    and vomiting. What home remedy can I do to help him.

  2. Tirzah Laughs profile image81
    Tirzah Laughsposted 8 years ago

    He most likely needs to go see a doctor.

    First get out of the sun and stay out of it. 

    This probably heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  Be very careful, this can get much worse. 

    Heat stroke can be extremely dangerous, even deadly.

    Heat exhaustion which this probably is, is slightly less dangerous but still must watched closely.  Heat exhaustion can be treated at home (usually).

    Heat stroke needs immediate medical attention.

    If the symptoms are severe or if he has high blood pressure, heat exhaustion gets even more dangerous.   If it progresses to heat stroke, get a DOCTOR immediately.

    For heat exhaustion, get out of the sun and get to a cool, shady area.

    Treatment of heat exhaustion:

    Drink cool (not cold) non-alcoholic beverages.
    Take a cool shower if he feels steady enough.
    Don't wear lots of layers

    However to be safe, if you believe this is HEAT Stroke instead, go to a doctor immediately.

    Heat stroke symptoms:

    Signs of heat stroke include:

        * high body temperature,

        * the absence of sweating, with hot red or flushed dry skin,

        * rapid pulse,

        * difficulty breathing,

        * strange behavior,

        * hallucinations,

        * confusion,

        * agitation,

        * disorientation,

        * seizure, and/or

        * coma.

    Good luck.   He should stay out of the sun for a few days as well.  And I suggest you see a medical person if any of the heat stroke symptoms appear.

  3. Tatjana-Mihaela profile image60
    Tatjana-Mihaelaposted 8 years ago

    Too many symptoms for one remedy only. In addition, it is not clear why he has all these symptoms (too much work, did he got some sort of cold, or bacteria in the stomach?, or he was exposed to too much sun (heat stroke)? did he eat or drink something inappropriate, what work he was doing outside, were there some chemicals involved in work? and for how long he has these symptoms).
    You can try to heal his stomach problems with chamomile tea (give him one spoon only at the time, or few seeps, then repeat procedure 15 minutes later, tea needs to be warm). This might help him stop vomiting. After his stomach will be OK, stop with chamomile.

    Muscle cramps can happen because of high temperature, or because of too much acid in the body. As soon as his stomach problems will pass by I believe he will not have cramps in muscles any more. Maybe he would benefit from very tender massage, with some cream of balsam against pain..

    If he has high body temperature, treat him with (cold) alcohol compress`s on the chin and the chest, that you need to change as soon as they got warm...that means you will need to change them every few minutes.

    The rest is not clear abut real cause of his symptoms , so I hope this will help. If he has heat stroke, then he needs to take rest in dark room for few days, and drink a lot of cold herbal tea.

    Of course, if symptoms do not become easier in few hours, take him to the doctor.


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