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Should woman be declined from getting abortions?

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    Bloomingviolets88posted 7 years ago

    Should woman be declined from getting abortions?

    Woman's bodies are so different from men. We can make a mistake in minutes  and not be able to take it back. We have rising jobs, school, Rent and other things to take care of. Sometimes, this is the only answer.

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    SEOWizKidposted 7 years ago

    That's going to be a question no one can answer there... here's my opinion for this question:

    I think everyone has there choice to make there own decision in life... but when you take another step into it, you're basically killing someone by having an abortion... which is a HUGE talk around the world about not being able to have one period. If you aren't ready to have an child you should of made better choices in your life, it's no ones fault but yourself and the one your having the baby with, I think abortions are very iffy as far as allowing them in this world as of right now... but when you look at it from a different perspective it will never be illegal in my opinion because take a look at this:

    1. 500K+ a year die from smoking cigarettes (if you can't find where to buy them than where do you live?)
    2. 100K+ die a year from drinking (once again, it's everywhere)

    That is just a few of the things that cause severe damage to us as humans... do we do a thing about it? Not a chance... drinking is acceptable, you drink accordingly and you'll be fine. Smoking is a different story... you start smoking you get addicted and you have a HUGE chance to get cancer... they even HAVE to say it now outside the gas stations or wherever you get it... do people care? Once again NOT A CHANCE... we just literally ignore the fact that we have a chance to die or be in some serious pain for the rest of our life... life is full of consequences and going down the road where your life is in jeopardy is one we choose MANY times. My grandma had cancer a few months back on BOTH her lungs, it was instantly said she had NO CHANCE of being cured of this cancer and that smoking had a HUGE impact (if not all) for the cancer she had.

    So what I'm trying to say is abortions should be illegal but they NEVER will... marijuana is illegal but it causes 0, yes I said it 0 deaths a year... we have some problems in the US to figure out before we worry about abortions being illegal. I wish they were, I really do, but america doesn't understand anything so it seems...we'd rather have what kills people, be trillions (wait I bean BIZILLIONS, I don't even know a word because we're so much in debt) and we still ignore the fact that people are dying everyday from things that can be prevented so easily.

    Thanks for the great question Blooming, keep them coming!

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    lcg4jcposted 7 years ago

    I believe that every one has a right to choose what they are going to do in life. I am an adamant believer that both men and women have a responsibility to behave like human beings and not like animals in heat that only respond instinctually. We are humans and must restrain from certain urges that may cause us harm in the long run. We must exhibit self-control at all times and be willing to build up a character that is both noble and honorable.
    Instead of just acting out on impulse, then regret it the next day, how about training your mind, spirit, body and soul to learn to think before acting.
    I think this behavior will most likely put an end to whether or not a woman has an abortion period.
    Remember, I am putting just as much responsibility on the man as on the woman.
    As a woman, I just want to tell other women to honor your body, be proud of who you are, remember your worth and do not give it away without commitment and love.

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    jasper420posted 7 years ago

    sometimes in some cases abortion is the best solution for example if you were raped there was something wrong with your baby or you simply werent ready i have always been pro choice right or wrong isnt awlays black and white