my gall bladder show multiple mobile small calculi in lemun.suggest me solution

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    SANTOSH AGGARWALposted 7 years ago

    my gall bladder show multiple mobile small calculi in lemun.suggest me solution other than operation

    i m 42 years old,female. and diagnosed a week ago.please tell method in detail.

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    noenhulkposted 6 years ago

    Natural treatment for the removal of gall bladder stones is only effective at some level. If your gall bladder stones reached the size at some level, the treatment may not be prove effective and you may need surgery. If you still insist on using Natural treatment, you may suffer from the pain and might risk you your life. It can infect other organs around the gall bladder if not treated and remove.

    Visit your doctor for any medical advice regarding your gall bladder stones. There are doctors nowadays, that do believe in the power of natural healing but beware that there are also don't. But don't worry, they will give you the best advice you need according to what is good to your health. Good luck.

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    Rod559posted 6 years ago

    We certainly have mentioned previously which you will need to change your eating routines. A diet plan rich in entire cereals, fiber, calcium supplement, many fruits, fresh vegetables and nuts is very very good and in addition it is not preferable to miss meals. Food items with good cholesterol level and fats have to be definitely avoided or at the very least their consumption needs to be restricted. All of us should never leave out fats totally since it may possibly trigger the gallbladder not to drain fully also it might be the trigger of gallstones. You'll be able to easily apply fats from olive or perhaps canola oils and in addition omega-3 essential fatty acids.

    Studies show that females are a lot more impacted by gall bladder disease than males. The excess estrogen will be the principal cause from this so if you strategy to make use of estrogen right after menopause or birth manage pills you've to be careful. Which is why it really is very best to talk to your physician. As you can see gallstones might be avoided, you just need to be mindful about your weight and diet plan and become active.