Our Daughter was in near fatal car accident Aril 2009. After an MRI scan earlier

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    Carryonkimmyposted 7 years ago

    Our Daughter was in near fatal car accident Aril 2009. After an MRI scan earlier this year she...

    has been diagnosed with Front Lobe Brain Damage. She is 18 1/2, become nasty, lost all love she used to have and give, one side of her face and one eye are now distorted,  There are many other symptoms that have come with this and life with her is becoming unbearable. As time goes on things are definately becoming worse, I had a stroke around the time of her MRI Scan, our normal Daughter, pre-car accident, would have done all she could to help and show love and care, she just sees me as an embarrasement and shows so much hate and nastyness. What can be done, is there help for a better life?

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    Research Analystposted 7 years ago

    Sorry to hear of your difficult and tragic situation, keep the faith. Also make sure to get assistance, check and see what is available to you.

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    SONS OF GOD TVposted 7 years ago

    My Xwife and I got back together after 25 years, She was bypolar and on Lythium. Her Pyco put her on a new drug that killed her. Dead I asked God not to do this while in the Ambulance to pronounce her! I Said God I know you are no respecter of persons, you did it for Laz-a-rus do it for her. BEEP, beep beep. At the hospital I opened my Bible and looked down only to see James 5:14-15 It said go get the Elderand have him lay hands with oil. I called a Pastor who did just that. They had her on a vent tube and were going to pull the plug. Go Ahead. Now she id at home no trac no oxygen, no bedsores and getting better every day. I told you this to see if you will and after you do it (only believe). Let us know.