would having gall bladder removed have a direct effect on pancreas or be a contr

  1. profile image51
    tom1259posted 8 years ago

    would having gall bladder removed have a direct effect on pancreas or be a contributing  of diabetes

  2. JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image77
    JamesBenjaminJrMDposted 8 years ago

    "would having gall bladder removed have a direct effect on pancreas or be a contributing (sic) of diabetes" asked by tom1259 on 1-4-2011.             

    tom1259 --  As always your medical advice should come from your personal physician and surgeon.. I have researched your question and-- have found the following three sites that may help you:  http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency … 002930.htm

    http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/gallst … -and-drugs


    Please note this information is not medical advice.  You should always consult with your physician and surgeon for specific medical care.

  3. profile image50
    Rod559posted 7 years ago

    Gallbladder stones are produced on account of many factors. An excessive amount of bad cholesterol within the bile then when the gallbladder doesn't drain fully are the main two reasons. These stones are developed from cholesterol and other materials which can be found in the bile. The gallbladder and gallstones difficulties could be noticed by many signs, for example, abdomen discomfort on the upper right part, pain in between the shoulder area or at the back. All these symptoms may result in different health troubles when we discount them. It is quite simple to avoid the gall bladder and gallsotnes issues and not feel the discomfort which comes with them, and virtually all you've got to try to to is to change your eating practices and start doing exercises.

    Handling your weight and keeping it at typical degrees is very crucial component in the protection against gall bladder difficulties. That is why we need to look after our weight due to the fact it has been determined that overweight folks have an increased chance of gallbladder stones complications.

    Even so, in case you already have weight troubles it is quite vital to steer clear of rapid loss of weight. Losing weight should be slow-moving and steady if we desire to steer clear of the formation of gall stones. Even so, if you have to shed weight promptly , consult your physician for remedies that avoid the development of gall stones.

    Also in case you physical exercise often, the chance of gallbladder stones might be reduced. For example it has been tested that thirty minutes per day is sufficient for the elimination. This can be advantageous for maintaining weight at normal ranges and keeping your blood cholesterol typical too.



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