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What is a good migraine medicine?

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    h_spragueposted 7 years ago

    What is a good migraine medicine?

    I have been in a few car accidents that have rear-ended me which made me get whiplash. (about 4 times) I have been to a chiropractor when I was younger (about 10) and I have also been to a neorologist (sp), and I have had open MRI's. I have tried a few different medications and they didn't work. I found a medicine called Midrin. This seems to be the only one that works and really knocks my migraine out. I went to fill my prescription and they pharmacist told me that they don't make the drug anymore. I have had 4 migraines this week already and it's only Thursday! Please HELP ME!

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    keanchorposted 7 years ago

    did you try any supplement? you can try MATE TEA... medicine is not good for health. but you will feel more pain after consume mate tea, drink constantly ( follow the instruction stated inside )after about a week, the pain should be gone... i got these information from some references...

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    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    I've had migraines for years.  The best Rx for me is Imitrex.  I also take antidepressents which somehow cut down on the amount of migraines I get and many people have the same experience.  My antidepressants are called Immipramine, but there are about 50 different kinds to try.

    Over the counter, the best for me is a double dose of Motrin/ibuprofen (ask your doc, you can't double it up all the time or you'll get liver damage or something)  You have to take it right away.

    Other ideas:  If you catch it right in the beginning like if you get sparkles in your eyes (aura) or you feel nauseous, put an ice pack or a cold wet washcloth on the back of your neck and relax in any way that works.  stay away from sounds and smells.  And, I'm not the only person who swears that Vanilla Bean by Haagen Daz really helps.  You need a little size and just eat it from the fridge.  It has to be very cold so the pint size or whatever keeps it the right temp.  The smell of the vanilla or the coating of your stomach along with the cold in the back of your throat will help you.  worth a try.

    If you can sit in a relaxing lazyboy type of chair, eat hagen daz (has to have the little vanilla particles) with an ice pack on the back of your neck...sometimes that will really work.  If you can get tylenol with codeine (try Canada if you can get it over the counter in most places) and that often helps without knocking u out.

    ps if your dr will give you trials of diff antidepressants, they have a pain-numbing effect on many people.  You need to take them prophyllactically (every day to prevent the problem).  A very small dose might do the trick.  That and keeping Imitrex in my purse day and night is the only thing that has worked.

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    Retsuzen Shikataposted 6 years ago

    The cheapest fix for migraines is by far Kava Kava root or Valerian root herbs. Kava kava taken in a tea or juice as a liquid tincture takes effect in 10 mins or less. Valerian root taken as a capsule does so in the same time frame. I have been prescribing this herbal cure for clients on liveperson.com for many years with total success. We here in my family also use it and we do not use synthetic medicines at all.