A rudraksha for cocentration and an increase of will power?

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    Mystichillsposted 7 years ago

    A rudraksha for cocentration and an increase of will power?

    What rudraksha will help an adolescent girl to love studying and concentrate and increase her will power?

    Which Rudraksha bead will increase the willpower of an adolescent girl such that she concentrates on her studies lovingly?

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    infobancposted 5 years ago

    Contact :  Mr. Satt Rooplal ( rudrakshacollection@hotmail.com )

    Satt Rooplal Owner of Rudraksha Collection, with many years' experience in Rudraksha Therapy, Mantra Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Aura and Chakra Therapy. Rudraksha Collection was founded in 2001 with three main objectives :-

    To promote Rudraksha for the benefit of the people by removing doubts from their minds about mysteries surrounding Rudraksha and making them aware of the properties of this bead as mentioned in our ancient scriptures as well as through scientific and practical usage of rudraksha.

    To supply good and genuine high quality rudraksha at reasonable prices to people worldwide.

    To continuously enhance knowledge on the properties of this bead based on past researches and experiences of people.

    We at Rudraksha Collection specialize in collecting personally, best quality Rudraksha of the season and converting Rudraksha beads to beautiful wearable items. For this we have skilled artisans who are trained in thread, Gold and Silver work and follow Rudraksha stringing as detailed in our holy scriptures. All items are blessed and energized in temple in accordance with the rituals mentioned in holy books before being sent to the clients. Rudraksha Collection started with supply of Rudraksha beads and malas from Nepal, Indonesia and India and have since diversified to supplying various related holy and meditation items intended to be used for Puja, Healing and Self-Empowerment.

    "We meditate on the transcendental glory of the Deity Supreme, Who is inside the heart of the Earth, Inside the life of the Sky, Inside the soul of the Heaven.
    May He stimulate and illumine our minds."