What I will do if convulsion with fever

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    awaheed75posted 6 years ago

    What I will do if convulsion  with fever

    now this is 3rd time with in a year. Is there any side effect of this conulsion now his age is 2 year. please advice me what to do.

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    GioiaMulasposted 6 years ago

    My answer is based on personal experience with my son.
    1. I hope that the first time the convulsions that have come to his son, drove him to the hospital to make the necessary checks.
    2. Revealed that it is only of seizures, should have prescribed tranquilizers, administered rectally (as is the quickest way to assimilation).
    3. The convulsions in the first years of life are common in many children, will tend to disappear on their own without specific treatment (apart from calming to be administered only if there are actually seizures), already at 6 / 7 years there should be no more problems.
    Try to calm down the agitation does not correct the problem that if controlled at the time of the attack, does not create serious problems.
    If you feel the need for peace of mind, ask your doctor with her or in the hospital, where he surely will also give information brochures on the subject.
    I'll give you my best wishes, I know what he's trying, and I'm close. A big kiss to her puppy

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    whizzerposted 6 years ago

    Febrile convulsions are caused when the body over-heats, as it does in a fever. You can try to prevent them from happening by lowering the temperature.

    Take the clothes off the child to try to cool them down.

    Sponge them down with tepid water, especially in the groin and armpit areas. Put them in a tepid bath if necessary.

    Let them dry off naturally, don't use a towel.

    If safe to do so, give a paracetamol or ibuprofen based medication. These lower temperatures but DO CHECK WITH YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IF UNSURE.

    Give cold drinks if the child will take them.

    If these measures do not work or if the childs starts convulsing get medical aid immediately.

    Hope that helps. Febrile convulsions can be frightening but they are surprisingly common in young children.