Is depression always there

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    L.Lawyerposted 5 years ago

    Is depression always there

    can you just feel depressed momentarily when things arent going as planned, or is it always an ongoing thing. the feeling of nothing going right, and the whole world is on your shoulders with the tiniest problem. that is depression, but my real question is: they say depression is something your never truly rid of and always comes back, do you believe this? I really do want a bigger understanding of the matter.

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    nishlaverzposted 5 years ago

    Depression can be triggered by lots of different factors. Some people suffer with it for years on end and it does not seem to go away. For others it can be just a feeling of the moment because of circumstances. For me it is the former but is affected by the latter. I've suffered with depression for at least 20 years and managed to keep going. Now let me put that into perspective for you I'm 30 years old now so that means I was 10 at the oldest when I first realized something was wrong. However my parents did not and my mother still does not believe that I am a Manic Depressive. I have my good days where I'm happy and then my down days. It is actually a form of bipolar which luckily I can control without medication.

    To answer your question yeas the thoughts are always in the back of my mind but I can overcome them and have great days but the slightest thing can tip the balance.