What Are Some Of The Causes And Treatments For Migraine Headaches?

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    PhoenixVposted 6 years ago

    What Are Some Of The Causes And Treatments For Migraine Headaches?

    What are some of the reasons for migraine headaches and what can you do if you get a migraine headache? Are their any home remedies for migraines?

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    healthyrich2011posted 6 years ago

    Basically migrianes can be trigged by many factors:

    - Foods: aspartame, processed foods, salty cooking, MSG, too much caffeine, cheese and even chocolates
    - Bright, flashing lights likes those in a concert hall
    - Strong odors or perfumes
    - Emotional stress or tension
    - Insufficient sleep or irregular sleep
    - Exposure to smoke and even inside or outside fires
    - Hormonal fluctuations, include menstrual cycles or the onset of menopause

    If you like the natural migraine home remedies, there are a lot of selection.
    - Massage
    - Acupuncture
    - Eucalyptus Leaves Paste
    - Yoga breathing technique
    - Hot/Cold therapy
    - Aromatherapy

    and much more...I wrote many articles about migraines in my blog (and just start on hubpages) as I used to suffer from migraine before.

    If you interested, you can visit my blog at healthyrich dot net and you can follow my hub, I will keep creating the hub about migraine and migraine treatment.

    Wish you a good health smile

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    lasertekservicesposted 6 years ago

    Intense heat can trigger migraine. What you can do is cool yourself with refreshment or air-condition. However, for more severe cases, it is best to take a medicine and rest afterwards.