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Which is healthier: butter or margarine? Why?

  1. ThePracticalMommy profile image97
    ThePracticalMommyposted 5 years ago

    Which is healthier: butter or margarine? Why?

    Which is better for a heart patient? Which is better for someone with diabetes? Which is better for someone with high cholesterol? (Note: None of these apply to me yet, but I want to make healthier choices for my family)

  2. ComfortB profile image87
    ComfortBposted 5 years ago

    The American Diabetes Association recommends soft margarine in a tub that lists a liquid oil like safflower, soybean, canola or corn as the first ingredient.
    This are supposed to be better than the stick ones.

    For someone with cholesterol, margarine is considered an unhealthy option than butter because of the trans fat in margarine.

    The rule is keep them both to a minimum in your diet and cooking.

    1. teaches12345 profile image95
      teaches12345posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree that the idea is to keep them both to a minimum in a diet and cooking.  Cholesterol and fats do add up after awhile and may cause problems such as hardening of arteries, diabetes, etc.  I prefer to use olive oil, grapseed oil or coconut oil w

  3. Turtlewoman profile image95
    Turtlewomanposted 5 years ago

    I love this question. Its a matter of understanding how both butter and margarine are made. Margarine is manufactured from vegetable oil and goes through hydrogenation, which keeps it solid at room temp and gives it a longer shelf life. The reason companies do that is to take out the saturated fat (the bad kind of fat that increase the bad cholesterol). Unfortunately hydrogenation adds TRANS-fat, which is even worse! Your body treats both of those fats as the same! In addition, they also add artificial chemicals and preservatives for flavoring and color.
    Butter is more natural, made from churning cow's milk and cream. It does have saturated fat, but no trans fat. If someone has diabetes or high cholesterol, it is best to not eat either one, or at least eat in moderation. In terms of which one is a relatively healthier choice, I would choose organic butter. Organic butter actually still has vitamins A, D, E,K and is made from the healthy cows raised on green fields. And if you still prefer margarine, buy the soft ones in the tub and read the labels. Look for "no trans fat" and "no hydrogenated oil." Avoid the hard stick margarines- those are really high in trans fat. In the end, the problem is eating too much of either one. Hope that helps. :-)

  4. ackman1465 profile image61
    ackman1465posted 5 years ago

    We've been back and forth over this subject three (3) times during my lifetime.

    After the first time..... wherein margarine was considered the "preferred" topping.... I made breakfast for my Father, when he visited.  He took one bite of his toast (which had margarine on it).... spit it out and said, "Ugggh, is there margarine on this toast?"   I said "yes".... and he said "No son of mine would ever put margarine on his toast..."    I gave him new toast that was "dry".... discarded the margarine that I had on-hand.... and have never used margarine again.

  5. royalblkrose profile image60
    royalblkroseposted 5 years ago

    butter. Any kind of margarine is highly processed and therefore harder on the body to digest, If you don't want to use butter, use coconut oil , olive oil, canola oil, stay as close to natural as possible.

  6. rmcleve profile image81
    rmcleveposted 5 years ago

    Honestly, I'm not sure about which is recommended for people on specific diets. I very rarely eat margarine and prefer butter because it is a natural, easy to make product. I try to eat foods that have very few ingredients and/or that I could make at home if pressed. Butter is a very simple product and the only reason I would switch to margarine would be to reduce the number of animal products I consume.

  7. MikeNV profile image79
    MikeNVposted 5 years ago

    Healthier is irrelevant.

    Neither is the answer.

    But if you are going to eat either then the real question is very easily answered.

    Which is created by nature and which is created in a laboratory?


    Which is healthier smoking full flavor or light cigarettes?  People who understand nutrition understand nutrition.  "Healthier" is irrelevant - it's nutritionally sound or it is not.