How To Cure Ulcers Using Unripe Bananas?

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    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    How To Cure Ulcers Using Unripe Bananas?

    In ancient Africa, a concoction of unripe bananas was used in treatment of severe stomach ulcer. Unripe bananas are said to have sitoindosides which enhances production of mucus in the digestive tract. The mucus acts as a strong protective coating in curing ulcers. How do you go about preparing the banana concoction for treating ulcers?

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    m0rd0rposted 5 years ago

    AFAIK, sitoindosides are a stress relievers and CNS stimulants.

    They are probably not suitable for peptic ulcer.

    If you insist on using them, try to chip unripe bananas and soak them in weak alcohol for a week. (Vodka will do).

    Keep in dark place far from sunlight.

    Drink one quarter glass of this decoction before meals.

    Method two is oil extract (If you can't tolerate alcohol). Soak them in olive oil for 1 week and use the resulting oil in salads and cooking.

    I am not sure if the "indosides" are water soluble at all, but they are alcohol and fat soluble, so either of the two methods will work.

    On your CNS for sure - on your stomach ... I don't know.