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Familiar or Unknown?

  1. Emanate Presence profile image77
    Emanate Presenceposted 5 years ago

    Familiar or Unknown?

    Would you rather 'reside' in the familiar or explore the unknown? How does each feel to you? What are the benefits and shortcomings of each? When are you more likely to go towards one or the other, and why?

    Longer answers and hubs as answers are super.

  2. profile image0
    Rayne123posted 5 years ago

    Well I actually wrote a hub about the unknown. So my hub answers your question in my opinion.

    I believe that exploring the unknown is great, provided we are guided by heavenly spirits. God being of the unknown but not known  to some (not seen)if you know what I mean, can help us through our journey.

    We fear the unknown however the unknown may be the only safe harbour we have in this messed up world.  We fear this unknown because we cant see it, or understand it anyway.

    The universe/our Creator/God will give us what we want as long as we walk with him, follow the will of God. However we do have free will but we will suffer the consequences that come with that free will. Always

    There are evil spirits out there, yes and that is part of the unknown, there is evil masquerading around as "angel of light" and we should beware. However if we fully understand the unknown we can skip the evil that will try to be part of our lives.

    As for the "familiar" we use this as our comfort zone, a place we think is safe, a place we live everyday. However there is also evil lurking among the familiar.

    Evil among the "familiar" seems easier to spot, but is it really? We will always have temptations in our everyday lives. Once again it is our free will given to us.

    Our dreams are part of the "unknown", when we dream we slip into another world, a world of our imagination, however our imagination is stronger than what we perceive as the familiar. We can go many places into the unknown with our imagination. It may hold the key to our eternal life.

    So with that said, I would rather reside in the unknown.

    have a good day

  3. dghbrh profile image76
    dghbrhposted 5 years ago

    In reply to question by about the familiarity and unknown aspect of life. read more