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Tonsillectomy recovery

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    JSloan07posted 22 months ago

    Tonsillectomy recovery

    I just had my tonsillectomy done on June 10, 2016. I am 33 years old, After 9-10 throat infections a year I finally got a doctor to agree  to remove. On day 7 & and still on day 1 of clear foods. I cannot get anything down & even if I do try to eat it automatically starts the burning stabbing ringing sensation in my ears that brings me down to my knees. The one  thing I can keep down is the Jell-O. I have tried everything from smashed up green veggies,sweet potatoes,fish. Even broth & creme soups bring me to my knees. I cannot eat anything that has sodium.

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    JSloan07posted 22 months ago

    The only thing I can keep down is the Jell-O. I have tried everything. On days 1&2 I was able  to drink cold water but because of the ear pain I can only take room temperature to Luke warm water. My doctor change my meds from the Pill form oxycodone with acetaminophen to the liquid form hydrocodone. In my case this only made symptoms worst. The burning on my throat & shooting pain in ears became extremely & my husband bless his heart only cried with me to see me in excruciating pain just rocking back & forth. It literally felt as if somebody was pouring acid down my throat, I couldn't communicate at all just rock and hit the bed. So now I'm back on the pill form. The only thing I can do to help with the pain are hot water bottles against each tonsil area & against the area where your sideburns, as well as behind the ears to which eventually subsides the ringing the ears, throbbing, burning in my throat and pounding head ache. I pray I start feeling better soon this has honestly put a major strain on my husband & kids. I will cont to post my progress.

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      Snakesmumposted 22 months agoin reply to this

      Something isn't right if you are in that much pain after a week.   See another doctor, or go to the emergency room at your local hospital.     Have you tried to drink milk?   That's quite a soothing drink and may help the burning feeling.

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    Cissy1946posted 22 months ago

    My tonsils were removed when I was a kid back in 1952 so I don't know what they do these days with tonsils but no matter what had been done, if I were still in pain and unable to function normally after 7 days I'd call another doctor. Don't wait until it's too late for a mistake to be fixed, it's your life and your health. Good luck.