Has anyone else had a problem with Renpure hair products and hair loss?

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    Jessica Childressposted 16 months ago

    Has anyone else had a problem with Renpure hair products and hair loss?

    I started using Renpure Moroccan Spring Water Shampoo and noticed a drastic change in my scalp and hair. My scalp was irritated and itchy (no dandruff though) and my hair would come out in huge clumps in the shower - I'm talking gerbil size hair clumps that I would have to pull out of my drain every time I washed my hair. I have since switched to CHI and my scalp has stopped itching and I'm back to the normal couple of strands that come out in the shower (my hair is very long). Has anyone else experienced this and would you happen to know what ingredient would cause such a horrible problem?

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    Ginger4posted 3 months ago

    I have
    My hair is long as well
    I love to wear two braids and now they are very thin braids
    When I wash my hair long strands come out after using renpure
    I know it's this product because that has never happened to my hair before
    Some came out but my braids were nice and thick
    I just rinsed out the renpure and washed with my Hawaiian shampoo
    I am going to use apple cider vinegar for repair as well as hot oil treatments
    I was using the vanilla mint cleansing conditioner
    I am mad at myself because really there was no need to try something else
    You can rinse your hair with coconut oil or olive oil in between shampoos
    That was what I used to do
    I am very upset about this
    It feel like I can break my hair if I pull on it
    I think a regular conditioner would be better with olive oil in it..