My question is if I can be possibly be pregnant or just bad bloating.

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    Tmartinezposted 14 months ago

    My question is if I can be possibly  be pregnant or just bad bloating.

    Im 19 my periods are irregular,i can go months with out missing a periods doesnt really help me .but ive been getting lightheaded and nautious, frequently urinating, stomach get bloated alot,and ive gotten worries because sometimes my stomach tightens up.ive also gotten back pains. Ive taken at home  test before but im afraid theyre weren't accurate.

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    blessedpposted 14 months ago

    With irregular periods you can get pregnant and not be aware of it. Though you are having symptoms of pregnancy the best thing to do is see a doctor.
    If you aren't pregnant you may ask the doctor how you can get your period regularize.
    Practicing safe sex is recommended if you aren't ready for a baby.

    Hope all goes well.