Is it possible I could be pregnant?

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    Nicole2911posted 4 months ago

    Is it possible I could be pregnant?

    I am 39, & have been experiencing preg symptoms since Sept 18th, nausea, tender breast, bad taste from certain food, abdominal cramps, dizziness, heightened sense of smell, pounding nose in my ear, lower back pains(not often) & fatigue.  I have had a regular cycle which last 7 days, after my last cycle, around Oct 20th, I spotted at least 4-5 days after my cycle a reddish brown color, then it changed to a light pink. I have done a hpt that was neg, been to 2 drs & the ER, I have had 2 neg blood tests. The ER ran diff blood tests & found nothing wrong internally. Is it poss I am pregnant

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    nochanceposted 4 months ago

    Go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test. Strangers on the internet cannot diagnose you.