Resistant Bacteria and Viruses: Are You an Accomplice?

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    Jan Greeffposted 9 years ago

    Resistant Bacteria and Viruses: Are You an Accomplice?

    Resistance Thrives on Adversity 
    While much is being said about resistant viral strains, the reason for their existence is seldom referred to. The impression is created that they just happen to be there. The question that we need to ask ourselves is how is it possible for resistance to occur at all if there is nothing to resist?
    The very term “resistance” implies that there must be a reason to resist. There has to be an oppressor, a tyrant or a despot.

    What Constitutes the Threat?
    In the world of viruses and bacteria, threats that justify resistance are created by medication. Antibiotics, antiviral products and similar medication are usually the scapegoat. 
    Resistance or rebellion is inevitably a reaction to an undesirable influence. Among humans, it is something or someone that threatens an existing and acceptable order. In the world of bacteria and viruses, the same principles apply. Any threat inevitably leads to resistance. Conversely, there can be no resistance if no threat is present.

    The Paradox
    How does it work? After all, medication is our main defense against disease.
    Many years ago, when humans were relatively defenseless against infection, the discovery of antibiotics was a life-saving breakthrough. It has subsequently become the norm to seek medical assistance for each and every form of dis-ease. Pressure is often exerted on practitioners to prescribe antibiotics for all types of minor ailments. If Dr X does not comply, the patient simply consults Dr Y. Practitioners tend to accede to these demands because they do not like to lose patients.
    Some practitioners also tend to follow the line of least resistance by prescribing medication when other options may still be viable.   
    There has been dramatic change since the 1800’s and the 1900’s. In the 21 st Century we live in an era of the white death: refined carbohydrates, tantalisingly sweet but deadly. White sugar, white flour and white rice. The effect of these foods is aggravated by stress, lack of exercise, and poor relationships. 

    Contemporary Dis-ease
    Most modern forms of dis-ease are lifestyle-related. It is the result of what we eat, how often we exercise, exposure to stress and an unhealthy environment. Stress usually follows poor relationships. A poor relationship with our Creator also often leads to poor relationships with our fellow-man.
    These are the causes of the problems that we seek to solve via our medical practitioners. They try to manage the effects via the use of medication. If the results are not satisfactory, specialists are consulted. They tend to follow the same approach. The result?  A community enslaved by chronic medication. These drugs are the oppressors. They seldom address the root cause of our problems but they become the source of the threats that lead to resistant bacterial strains and also resistant viruses.
    Most of us therefore inadvertently contribute more than we would care to admit to the creation of resistant viruses and bacteria. 

    The Results are Far-Reaching
    When your neighbour uses medication but does not keep strictly to the prescribed dosages and frequencies, he contributes to the development of resistant strains. When you require the same medication for treatment of the bug that you received from your neighbour, the medication given to you has been rendered ineffective because your neighbour has already helped the intruder to build resistance.   

    Take a Stand
    If you do not take responsibility by doing something about the problem, no-one will do it for you.   
    My doctor and dentist both know that my family and I only take medication in emergencies and then only when all other alternatives have been exhausted. On the rare occasions when we do see them, they will, for example, say that in these circumstances they would normally prescribe antibiotics or some other medication. Knowing that we use alternatives, they offer a prescription in case our alternatives do not work. We have never had to resort to the use of these prescriptions. 
    Arm yourself with knowledge about effective alternatives for prevention as well as for first-line treatment. This approach has the following benefits:
    •         If it works, you have avoided the cost of medical attention and you would have rid yourself of the problem in a harmless fashion. 
    •         If it does not work, you will at least have a good idea of what it is NOT. 
    •         You will learn to listen to your body and to get to know what works for what ailments. This knowledge can become imperative in a world where the existing order together with all of its conveniences is under threat. 
    If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, always ask for the narrowest antibacterial spectrum possible. In many cases a narrow spectrum penicillin is all that is required, especially if your immune system is functioning well.

    Avoid Scams
    There is a confusing array of alternatives on offer. Each marketer sounds more convincing than the rest. Avoid products being pushed by marketing stategies based on hype, anecdotal evidence and pretty stories. Insist on scientific proof of all claims and ensure that each product is identified by a NAPPI code.
    Make sure that vitamins and minerals are provided in a proven food-form. 
    You are more than welcome to contact me at  for assistance in this regard at any time.     

    Stop contributing to the development of mutant viral strains NOW. Take responsibility for your own and your family’s health by always exhausting the source of alternatives before you resort to the use of medication.
    In the event where you have no other alternative but to take medication, make sure that you ask for the narrowest possible spectrum and follow the prescribed instructions to the “T”. If you use antibiotics, make sure that you complete the full course.

    Quote:      A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time -- pills or stairs.
    Author:      Joan Welsh

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    So do you know anything about anti-bacterial clay like in France?