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sores in my babys mouth

  1. megs78 profile image60
    megs78posted 7 years ago

    Hey all, I need some advice before heading out to the doctor.  No worries, I will go anyway if things don't improve, but if anyone has had a similar experience, I would like to hear about it. 

    My son (2) had hand, foot, mouth disease 3 weeks ago.  he had symptoms of fever, pain, ulcers in his mouth, rash on hands and feet, etc.  after 3 weeks, he has begun to be sick again. This time, he has no fever, but has the same problem in his mouth and has a rash all over his body (but not the same as before).  what could this be and should I get it looked at?  He has had problems with his health in the past, but I am wondering if this is just maybe some left over of the last virus, or if this is an indicator of something more serious. please help if u can.  My son is tired, cranky, in pain, cant eat well and we are a bit worried.  Thanks anyone!


  2. megs78 profile image60
    megs78posted 7 years ago

    Well, just to update, my son is ok.  The cankers in his mouth are from him grinding his teeth and his rash was due to heat.  anyways, thats what we've been told.  I will still keep an eye on it though although he seems to be much better today.

  3. rebekahELLE profile image89
    rebekahELLEposted 7 years ago

    glad he is doing better.  was it from heat before when he was sick with hand, foot, mouth issues?  are all his toys non-toxic?

  4. megs78 profile image60
    megs78posted 7 years ago

    he got the hand foot mouth disease from his daycare but there is not much to do for that and usually the virus runs its course with no medications.  i just thought that perhaps my son was having complications from it and thats why he has sores in his mouth.  apparently, thats not the case.  the problem now is that there is not much we can do to ease his pain until the sores heal.  poor little guy.  and no, his toys are all non-toxic so I don't think that could be a reason.  thanks for asking about him smile

  5. rebekahELLE profile image89
    rebekahELLEposted 7 years ago

    glad to hear that. I've worked in schools and know how easily diseases, viruses can spread. you might be surprised that some centers have toxic toys, do not clean their toys daily and often spray them with chemical disinfectant sprays that may leave residues that aren't healthy for ingestion. I would double check with your center's director and ask the policy on cleaning toys and how they are cleaned. You have every right to know. ask her the name of the disinfectant they are using. if teachers are the ones responsible for cleaning, double check with your child's teacher.
    all it takes is one child to spread a virus throughout a school.