Loosing those unwanted pounds

  1. Almanac1 profile image49
    Almanac1posted 9 years ago

    Counting calories, excercising and eating nutrious food from the Canada Food Guide.  I followed a 1200- calorie diet for the last 9 months and have lost 10 unwanted pounds.  First you have to enter dieting with an healthy attitude that you want to loose those excess pounds and stick to your diet all of the time.  I recorded every food item I ate and drank and totaled up the calories daily and still recording.  This helped me to stick to my diet and watch those pounds fade away.  I do get discouraged when I gain but I stuck with it and never gave up or those extra pounds will come back on my body again. Sure I know it can be difficult to stick with it all the time but my suggestion is if you cheat and over indulge once in awhile just enjoy the excess food and start back on your 1200 calorie again and not feel guilty. Try not to  keep on overeating because those few pounds you have lost and remember you have worked hard to get rid of them so keep on trying and you will succeed.  My reason for dieting was for the good of my health and make it easier for my ailing heart to function properly.  I do feel good about loosing 10 pounds and I brag about it to my freinds and support group.  I do little programs in my support group which encourage me to stick with it and with the help of my support group freinds I will continue to keep on trying to rid my body of those excess pounds once and for all until I reach my goal weight and be proud to be seen in public and length my time here on this earth.  So keep on trying and never give up.

  2. b opinionated profile image55
    b opinionatedposted 9 years ago

    Eating can be an addiction and a really hard one to quit... I would definately know! Like anything worth sticking to, it takes work. I am working my way to weightloss and I know as long as I continue to work every day I will lose the unwanted pounds.

  3. doncarlin profile image52
    doncarlinposted 9 years ago

    Persistence is important; it takes discipline to eat right and to exercise on a regular basis, but it takes even more persistence to keep doing it after you slipped up. Good job on those lost pounds, keep it up!