1. ProCW profile image81
    ProCWposted 9 years ago

    My grandmother recently died from leukemia (AML.) After a couple of years of battling it with chemotherapy and radiation, it had really taken a tole on her. She moved into ICU and soon the hospital staff let us know that there was nothing else they could do. Oh yeah, she had pneumonia and an enlarged heart -- AND got mold in her lungs from the hospital -- AND a staff infection (from the hospital too.) It was kind of strange though when she "decided" to die. Somehow when ALL of the family showed up and had a prayer over her, we all waited and within just a few minutes, she died. We miss her, but understand that it was her time to go.

    Any other similar experiences?

  2. anishvk profile image43
    anishvkposted 9 years ago

    It was a death not because of leukemia but shrinking of lungs due to fib re formation. It is very rare. He was energetic and appealing. He encourages others to do better. In my department (I am working in Government) he was my colleague. He appeared in our departmental examinations. Due to strenuous schedules of training he  bothered little for his health. When exam is over he heard his victory in hospital bed. He was admitted for prolonged fever. Gradually it affected his weight intake e.t.c. After a few days he was moved to ICU and after some time he breath the last. It was a shocking experience for each one who know him. It was so terrible.