Benefits Of Massage Bamboo

  1. Lindin58 profile image50
    Lindin58posted 7 years ago

    The Bamboo Massage or..the bamboo therapy !

    According to a special massaging techniques bamboos sticks of various sizes and previously oiled are passed on the body.
    It is a stimulating massage which alternates firmness and softness, a more or less strong pressure is exerted accordingly to the part of the body which is massed.
    Muscles are shortened, tensions are disciplined and united, the blood circulation activated.

    Massage Bamboo: is safe and effective when used for stress management, but it is also widely used to help obtain relieve from many specific problems, including the following

    -migraines-Low back Pain
    -Post injury rehabilitation-circulatory Problems
    -Whiplash-Leg aches
    -Respiratory Problems-tendonitis/bursitis
    -Arthritis-neck and shoulder pain.....

    Massage can benefit people of all ages and conditions-babies, children, pregnant women.animals. the elderly, and those with chronic care.

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    There are many benefits for the practitioner as well. Using the sticks minimizes stressing and straining the hands and fingers, while still allowing for deeply penetrating maneuvers. At the same time, as we hold the sticks, that energy is transmitted to us, which will help us to maintain strong and healthy hands and wrists, the areas most susceptible to injury in our profession. Once you start working with the tools and learning how to feel through the bamboo, they become an extension of your hands and fingers. But the bamboo is also a channel for us, taking our massage to a more meaningful level, giving our work a new depth and dimension.

    Physical: When we apply the piezo-electric principles to the body, the electrical and thermal energy activates peripheral circulation. Enhanced circulation will remove stagnant toxins and move blood throughout the body, heart and lungs, improving internal respiration. Oxygenated blood will return nutrition and healing aid to the cells and tissues of the affected areas. This enables your work to be deeper to relax and realign muscle fibers without causing micro-tears. Working with the sticks is like creating a ying-yang, cause and effect. It is giving your body space for healing.

    Mental-emotional: Emotionally, this therapy provides a total sense of relaxation. While the client's body is feeling the warmth and flexibility of the bamboo, an earth dance will take place around the table with the musical sound of the sticks. Stagnant emotions will surface once the client feels relaxed, nourished, and has reached a point of trust. The love that we, as therapists, bring to the session will encourage our clients to freely release and process all their "negative stuff." With a clear mind and resolved emotions there will be balance and connection. You will experience a healthy relation between the heaven above and the earth below.

    Spiritual: Therapy will reach whatever level of spirituality you are at. If you don't connect with the sticks on a spiritual level, if you don't bring that body/mind/spirit awareness to your session, two people are loosing: you and your client. While on the table, it is not unusual for clients to express their experience in profound terms. Even for those who are not able to connect as deep or as high, there will be an experience. They will be able to feel and understand that something profound has taken place. It is not unusual that the effects of  therapy continue for days after the session. It is as if you have opened a portal and allowed the newness of the experience to enter and linger there.


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