Beyond Meditation – The Recognition of All Inclusive Awareness?

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    johnscott00posted 5 years ago
    Meditation helps us to achieve mindfulness, a non-judging state of awareness of our surroundings and thought processes. But though meditation is beneficial to many, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helpful contemplative practices which are compatible with reason-based naturalism.

    Beyond Meditation – The Recognition of All Inclusive Awareness?

    What lies Beyond Meditation and what is Pure Awareness? We are often taught that Meditation is the ultimate way to get to an Enlightened state of Pure Awareness. Most of us believe that the ultimate awareness is somewhere on the other side of a ‘path filled with obstacles’ and that meditation combined with persistence is the key to move through these personal obstacles successfully in order to ‘reach’ stable and pure Awareness; a mostly future-projected experience often known as Enlightenment of Self-Realization.

    I have found something far more simple yet amazingly profound to be the case:

    That Pure Awareness which we are so eagerly striving towards with the help of meditation techniques, is already the case! It is that ultimate awareness which knows every step of the way like a mirror is present in all that appears within it. The awareness which we are looking for by means of meditation and other such practices, is that which is already present as the knower of both the start, the middle and the end of this imaginary path that we embark upon…