The oyoy diet

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    Eggcellent ladyposted 5 years ago

    Hello everyone, i am introducing my new page on my diet. I have named it the oyoy diet because it is the opposite to yoyo. I have used this because this diet is aimed at people who yoyo diet like myself. I have tried many diets and this one i made myself has worked for a good 8 months now and i am going to share it with you all. I will be doing daily posts on my daily food intake and excersize ragime and also my weight each week.

    What i have achieved so far
    I started this on Febuary the 3rd 2012 and my weight was 14 stone and 3 pounds. This is how it went:

    Feb 10th- No loss

    Feb 24th- lost 4 pounds

    March 2nd- lost 1 pound

    March 9th- lost 2 pounds

    March 23rd- lost 1 pound

    March 30th- lost 2 pounds

    I then had a week off work and the diet went on hold i weighed myself today and it was 13.8

    The basic rulesĀ 
    Try to have the least amount of carbs
    Keep it simple
    Go to kettlebells at least once a week
    Have a good breakfast
    Dont punish myself
    Do gardening as much as possible (its free)
    If craving reach for the ice poles!!
    Keep busy at work
    Make time for food prep in the morning

    Stay tuned
    From tomorrow i will be doing my daily posts on my diet and putting photos on of my weight, food products and what excersize i have done. Please feel free to comment on them as i need all the help i can get. The burpee marathon is coming up very soon and i will post a video of how i did :S.