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Free Advice for Men

Updated on October 1, 2014

Advice?!? Why do men need Advice?

Although I sometimes don't act like it, I am a man. I have responsibilities, I've had long relationships, and yes, I love sports--especially baseball.

The problem is, life isn't all just fun and games. There are a ton of things we have to do to survive and take care of ourselves and our families. Sometimes it can be a bit much and other times we just want to be able to do things for ourselves. I've been there, far too often.

I wish I could say my father taught me how to be a man, but he didn't. My father never played a large role in my life other than putting food on the table. And even though I love him for that, I wish he could have helped me in other ways. I don't blame him, he did what he had to do. Could he have done more? Sure, but I don't blame him.

I'm just a man who wishes to share his experiences in life with others. If they have the same problems I have had in the past, they can learn from my mistakes.

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Life Advice for Men

What it means to be a man

Although I might not look too much like a manly man, I'm definitely male. I've been through a lot in my life and many others with the opposite sex and family life.

Being a man isn't just about the stereotypes. Actually, not even close. Sure, there are many women who would love the man to bring home the bacon, dominate them (at least, when the time is right wink) and produce children. But being a man is not about holding back your feelings, drinking beer everyday after work, and spending every evening watching sports. I love sports. I'm probably one of the biggest Kansas City Royals fans on Earth (and yes, there are fans. There just aren't many of us). I love the Chiefs. I love the Olympics. And I love the World Cup.

However, spending life in front of the television instead of with family members is not a life. It's wasting a life. Whether or not your team loses today, your family will live on. When a family member needs help, your team won't care. They will play on, and that can be a gorgeous thing and it can help you through the rough times. But, when there are rough times, your family needs you more than ever. No, watching a game every week isn't necessarily a bad thing. Actually, it can help pass the time. Just don't spend every day and night in front of the bright light. Your life is around you, not inside the box.

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Being a Man is About Caring

Your family needs you

Being a man is also about caring for others. It's about taking care of your loved ones and even those who you don't know. This is blasphemous to many because women are seen as caretakers, but this isn't how the world truly works. Your family needs you and society needs you. If only half population cared about anything, the world would collapse, even though women are as powerful as they are.

You have to do what you have to do. If we must work 60 hours a week to get your family food, we do it. If someone is in trouble, we help them. But what about the little things?

When your loved one tell you they had problems at work, what do you do? Do you A) not listen or B) listen. Way too often, the answer is A. This isn't how relationships work and this isn't how a man should act. They are telling you because they think you should care, so care. They need you. Even if they don't want your advice (and most likely, they doesn't), just listen.

On the other hand, they are looking for the same in return. When you have problems, share them. Don't bottle your feelings up.

Image source: Creative Commons on Flickr

Men Can Show Emotion

And crying is OK too

Living life as a man is about showing emotion and sharing them with our loved ones. Crying is not a bad thing, no matter what the movies or your father told you, it's OK. We can cry. Holding back emotions such as sadness only causes anger, while crying only makes us to feel better. We aren't made of stone; we do have emotions. Show them and share them with those you love. You'll feel better and so will they.

Besides, give your family credit. They have been through a lot and they care about you. Chances are they can help you and if they can't, they can make you feel better. As a bonus, your special someone might just care about you a little more until you feel better.

Venting also helps relieve stress, so give it a try. Have a problem at work? Share it.

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    • Jack2205 profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      Good advice. More men should do this. I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan, even though they haven't been doing very good the past few years. lol. I am also a KC Royals fan, but I like football better than baseball.