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Full Body Stretch, For Everyday, For Everyone!

Updated on October 21, 2014

Just get up and Start Stretching!

Picture your veins and arteries as if they are like rivers and streams in nature. Imagine a beautiful, clean, wide flowing river or a fresh water stream that is flowing rapidly and splashing along the sides. In your imagination, walk up to the side of the river or stream and notice how clean the rocks are along the edge and how nice and smooth each side of the river is because of the constant flowing water. Now imagine your veins flowing the way they were designed. Clean blood bringing oxygen easily to your muscles and brain as you exercise with no resistance or extra pressure built up inside the viens. Now back to the river… imagine the same river, just as wide as the first, just as full as the first, but only this time the water is flowing very slowly. Walk up to the sides again and notice how dirty the rocks look and how much gunk has built up over time. Are you getting the picture? I’m not saying that you have to be exercising at all times to keep your circulatory system working great; I’m saying that whatever in nature stops moving for a long period of time begins to rot from the inside out. That sounds harsh, but I had to write it. Exercising, or at least doing your best to stay active (taking the stairs etc.) will help you live longer and feel better too! Use your body for what it’s intended for… MOVING!

Hey Coach Kip! I thought this was about stretching.. get to the point!!!

I’m getting to the point, relax! No don’t relax… GET UP AND STRETCH!!

Full Body Stretch Pt 1-Upper Body

Full Body Stretch Pt 2- Lower Body

Everyone needs to stretch Everyday!

It’s doesn’t matter if you exercise your heart out every day or never workout ever, NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO STRETCH!! I think Bruce Lee said something like ‘If you’re not stretching, your tightening up’! He would always be kicking and stretching between takes because staying loose is a never ending battle.

Hey Coach Kip! What did that whole river story have to do with stretching?

Good question! Stretching is a great way to get the blood flowing through your entire body. A good full body stretch only takes a few minutes, but can change your life. Not only will you feel better after learning some stretch moves that are easy to do every day, but you will be burning calories and getting your veins flowing the way they were designed.

Here are some of my favorite stretches broken into two videos, upper body stretches and lower body stretches. These videos were meant to not only get you stretching right away, but also come up with your own favorite stretches to do all day. I purposely throw random funny things in my videos to keep your attention and maybe make you laugh.

Coach Kip wants to know:

Will You begin Stretching More?

See results

Do not remain Sedentary!!

If you work a desk job or any job where you are seated most of the time, YOU MUST GET UP AND STRETCH MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!! Remember the smelly gunky river that stopped flowing? I didn’t want to tell you how bad the water smelt because I thought it would have offended you. Your blood gets filthy too! Low quality blood to the brain is why you forgot the coupons! It’s true! Stretching is a great way to not only keep your circulatory system intact and moving, but your skeletal and muscular system also! IT IS NEVER A BAD TIME TO STRETCH!! If Yasiel Puig has to stretch before every at bat, then Steve Average Guy and YOU should be stretching at any and every opportunity. “You see the only problem is Coach Kip, it doesn’t look right stretching in a suit and tie”. All I have to say to that is… are you going to care what people think when your river stinks?


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