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Get Rid Of Floaters

Updated on June 9, 2010

Get Rid Of Floaters

Before you get rid of floaters, you must first understand what causes eye floaters and why do they exist? Basically there are three major causes of eye floaters. But before moving into the details of the causes and how to get rid of floaters, here a brief description of what they are. Eye floaters are some pesky tiny debris that are left floating around in your eyes. You see them when they cross the line of your sight, that is in front of your retina. It follows the movement of your eye and therefore creating a phenomenon where they tend to move away every time you try to look at them, thus making it hard to focus directly on them.

They are mostly visible during bright daylight especially when you are looking at a plain backdrop, such as a white wall. When you stop moving your eyes, these eye floaters will slowly and gradually sink to the bottom of your eyes disappearing from your sight. They will come back into sight when you move your eyes as the fluid within your eyes get stired. These pesky eye floaters can be really annoying and affecting your everyday life such as reading a book or even watching television. So how do they end up in your eyes in the very first place?

Get rid of floaters, the causes and cure
Get rid of floaters, the causes and cure

The Causes

As already mentioned that there are three main causes of eye floaters development, they are retinal detachment, degenerative vitreous, and debris leftovers. When the retinal detachment takes place, bits of cells and tissues are ejected into the eyes where the tear occurs. These released substances then become the eye floaters that can be seen in your sight. Seek an eye checkup immediately at your eye specialist office as a detached retinal can cause irreversible damage to your eye which could lead to blindness. The second and third causes of eye floaters development are generally harmless and is often seen as a part of the ageing process.

Degenerative vitreous is a process where the gel structure that holds the liquid in the eyeball itself gradually breakdown and liquidfy releasing the cellulose materials that once form the structure into the eye. These materials later clump together and become the eye floaters of many forms such as dark specks, cobwebs and string-like substance. The third cause is caused by the leftover debris formed during the development of the eye as an embryo. Like the second cause, these debris are held in position until the gel structure liquidfies releasing them from their position and becomes the eye floaters. 

Apple pectin supplement can help get rid of floaters
Apple pectin supplement can help get rid of floaters

Get Rid Of Floaters

As most eye specialist will tell you that there are basically no cure for eye floaters other than learn to live with it, there are however many people who have claimed to have successfully get rid of floaters by taking apple pectin supplements everyday. Although it is not a complete cure on its own, it has at least made the floaters fade away.

Even though it does help in many ways, some people have notice that the floaters will make a come back when the supplements are stopped completely. As these supplements are generally save to consume and can be obtained easily at your local pharmacies or health stores, it will most probably not pose any significant risk to health as these supplements are only made from whole apple fibers. Follow the prescription labeled on the box and take the daily limit allowance amount each day.

If you are concerned of any health risks associated with the use of these supplements it is best that you consult your doctor or your medical practitioner for advice. Generally, apple pectin can help removes heavy metals from your eyes. Make sure that you are also drinking plenty of water every time you take the apple pectin supplement to get rid of eye floaters.


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